[1.0.0] [IC² 1.43] [BC 2.2.11] [RP 2p4c] [Power Converters 1.30] [Adv. Machines 3.0.0] FutureCraft [Greylist] [Bukkit]

  • I know, but the bukkit port isn't updated. Testing a fix done by myself to add compability with BC 2.2.10, this won't fix the bugs, but people should stop complaining until a proper port is ready.
    I recommend also installing Advanced Machines 3.0.0 (get it here), you will need it soon.

    Sorry, but I often fail on grammar :D

  • hello sniperfield i would like to be a moderator
    ign: RREDATOR
    y work in your team: well ive been on all ur ic2 servers up 2 this one i know all the rules and i would like to help your server out
    timezone: Australia/Queensland/brisbane est-eastern standerd time
    Australia you can contact me by just sending pms over ic2 or if you have Skype you can add me

    Yours sincerely RREDATOR

    hope i can help you out on the server fixing- :Wrench: griefs

  • Good morning its early in the morning in Germany,

    First of all Marry Christmas to everyone ^^
    ArronM plans a christmas event today (don't know what he will do)

    Stuff I will do today:
    - Fixing LWC to work with IC-Stuff
    - Checking Moderator applications (got 4 applications, but only one position left)
    - Looking into Additional Pipes

    RedPower won't be installed atm, there are some BlockID-conflicts and Forge 1.2.3 is crashing IC2 on server-side.
    Please stop annoying me with Addons like BC Additional Pipes, I will take a look on that.

    Sorry, but I often fail on grammar :D

  • My christmas event is for tomorrow, and somone has banned me?

    Edit: The christmas event I have decided will be spread over the two days to make it fair. I can't set anything up though 'cause im banned.

  • Hello, the server had been working fine for 2 days or so, then all of a sudden it kicks me. Now when i log back in i get about 10-20 seconds of time then it kicks me with no error screen. Any ideas?

    EDIT: With the help of MC_POWER, we were able to fix the problem. It was a glitchy chunk, fixed by covering the whole chunk with sand, then removing.

  • I understand that you wanted two new staff members, but after playing on the server today, I think I'd like to apply. Hopefully you'll consider adding a third

    IGN: DPErny

    Age: 17

    I started playing on the server earlier today, and I must say I'm hooked. It's a friendly community with wonderful people.

    I would be a valuable addition to you administration staff. I have previous experience serving as a top-level (file system access) administrator for another Minecraft server. I can use all the mods on the server competently; those I cannot, I can quickly learn through Google. I am located in timezone GMT -6, putting me far offset from the server's European population.

    how does speak english wat is verb an noun.

    I look forward to serving alongside you. I can be reached via Email and Steam; I will give these addresses if you decide to accept me.

  • Thank you for all your applications.
    Will talk to my moderators, who will be added to my stuff.

    And In don't like Additional Pipes (Chunk Loader Blocks = Laggs)
    Let's see why YAML is trolling me, to get LWC working with Machines.

    Merry Christmas to you all (Well, I know a bit late, but I was very busy yesterday)

    Sorry, but I often fail on grammar :D

  • Your not late it is christmas today in other countries.

    The christmas event was ruined by MC_Power by him doing it an hour early, when I was supposed to do it at 6PM GMT. Sorry Guys.

  • Dear sniperfield, I would like to become a staff member of your server because I play all the time and very much like your server. I live in the United States and is currently on EST. I'm normally on the server 3:10pm EST - 10:00pm EST on weekdays and 10:00am EST - 11:00pm EST on weekends. I'm 15 and was born 8/3/1996. I am very familiar with bukkit and bukkit plugins, I have my own server with multiple plugins.

  • He, im applying to be a moderator on your server. I believe i would be a great moderator because 1, everybody likes me; 2, i learn very quickly about what it takes to be a moderator; and lastly, because i believe that i could make the server better :D

  • Just started playing on this server, its great, but I was wondering how the plots work. As in, I want to make a house/base place, so do I need a plot to have it protected? Basically, how can I get my base protected?

  • You can build a house anywhere and get it protected with worldguard by a mod.

    There is a main town which has power to every plot, but you need prior permission to get a plot as plots are limited.

    Sniperfield, KillerLSP is very limited on knowledge of commands and I think he crashed the server because he binded worldedit stone to his hand and cannot control his creative mode. I made him survival myself to stop him ruining everyones doors but I think he needs more experiance.

  • Hmm, need to think what to do with him.
    Please install RedPower 2 and PowerConverters you will need it.

    Sorry, but I often fail on grammar :D

  • Hey Sniper
    Take 1 block cut into 32 sidings place in recycler 32x the scrap D; EXPLOIT
    Then again you are using more EU and cobble is like so easy to find

  • And how should I fix that bug ?

    Sorry, but I often fail on grammar :D

  • Hey Sniperfield,
    I want to apply for moderator.

    Why work for you : I am very friendly, i have played on many servers, and know what the players want from an moderator.
    Timezone : UTC/GMT +1 hour
    Experience : ive been high ranked on 3 server, and 1 of them whas a Ic + bc one.
    I also have another friend thats a moderator on your server, called MC_POWER, you can ask him about me to :)

    I hope i can be (trial) Moderator,
    corjaantje :Electric Furnace:

  • KillerLSP was banned for being abusive towards a staff member. He will not be unbanned unless sniperfield feels to do so I never cursed at you (maybe the odd 1) but you cursed at me in every sentance and the first thing you said when you came on was "Dick".