Are Electrolyzers worth it?

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    Note: Electrolyzuers got buffed with 1.62 update.

    They can now attach to any electric storage unit.
    They will transfer 2/8/32 EUt, and returning energy has a 30/20/10 % loss, values are based on tier (BatBox/MFE/MFSU).
    As well, each cell can now contain 20k EU.

  • Oooh - now that's useful to know! Thank you.
    So, one could theoretically charge cells in one storage unit, and then "redeem" them in something of a higher tier for less loss... or use them to keep alower-tier unit charged in the field. I like.

  • Many thanks, I'm tempted now to use batboxes instead of copper cable for non junctions and with some advanced pipes and redstone engines to stockpile charged cells.