[Resolved] Support: Clay Dust

  • I have the version for Beta 1.8.1, and I do believe it is the latest version, 1.33 I think?

    Anyway. I can't seem to make clay dust to make construction foam. I put a clay block, clay ball, even a brick in the maceator, and nothing happens.

    Is the CF only for the 1.0 release? In hindsight, I did not even try to make a CF sprayer yet, and I'm at work so I can't try now.

    But I was curious if there is some other way to make the Construction Foam?


  • In the 1.21 changelog, it says: "Fixed FoamSprayer overriding ClayDust", so CF Foam was added in between 1.21 and 1.15, so if you're running 1.337b, it should have it. If you have TMI or NEI, check through them (and/or the IC2 config file) for the clay dust item. If it's not there, something's wrong.

    BTW, just in case, you use a clay block in the macerator for clay dust.

  • I used foam long before all the industrial mods were out for 1.0.0. As the prior poster mentions, it's the clay block you use in the macerator (crafted from a 2×2 grid of clay balls).