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    Here's the list of all the mods I have installed:

    Here's the error from the console:

    Maybe it's my version of forge? I don't crash, it's just that the LV Transformer doesn't work. Storage blocks work fine, as well as the transformer upgrade. I haven't tried any of the other transformers, but I'm afraid that they might not work as well. I can provide more of the console if required.

    So if someone got a backup of 1.1 just send me a PM dont post any download links


    He didn't mean it was illegal to post the download links. He meant that it is illegal to send, THROUGH ANY METHOD, ANY minecraft.jar, server or otherwise, to anyone.

    I guess you've learned that you should always backup now?

    Folder? Moadloader shouldn't be a folder. Just downloaded it, and it only had .class files in it (the zipped file).

    Forge should only have 1 folder, titled forge, a minecraftforge_credits.txt file, and LOTS of class files.

    ModloaderMP also only has .class files in the zipped files.

    Did you unzip/unrar the files into a folder, and copied that folder into your minecraft.jar?

    A bit old, but here's a video that shows EXACTLY how to installed everything you need, prerequisite wise.
    Direwolf20 also has an installation video, here:

    at forestry.config.PluginIC2.initIndustrialDiamond(

    In the new version of IC2, industrial diamonds are depreciated. Waiting for some add-ons to update, so I'm not sure if Industrial Diamonds still exist in 1.62. I'm thinking no, or not at least in the way forestry thinks they do.

    Agreed. Happen twice now ;), Suggestions. Setup a 1 item filter that tries to push 1 item through a tube to the reactor.. Since the reactor or most should never have a open slot it will never push it to it. But if it does it means something bad happen then you would use a redpower pipe and rig some sort of auto shutdown system.

    Also another suggestion like the video you saw do a buffer system.... Keep 1000's of stacks and then you should be golden heh.

    From my testing, you can use RP deployers to automatically make snowmen. The deployers won't deploy the snow as long as the snowman is there.

    EDIT: Nope, it won't place the pumpkin until the snow is placed. At the very least, it'll insure there's always a snowman in containment...

    Go to your .minecraft directory and copy the contents of your modloader.txt (preferably in spoiler tags).

    Anyway, it seems something is trying to use IWrenchable (part of the IC2 api that allows wrenches to interact with machines, I think) before IC2 is loaded. The modloader.txt should say what mod is causing it.

    I can't actually find any technic people. The page has no contact info and the top name on the list is Alblaka

    Hrm. Odd. Technic doesn't seem to have any form of forum. Anyway, try posting your question in the comments of the Tekkit page.

    BTW, Alblaka has no (known) affiliation with the Technic Pack, he just approved IC2's usage in TP. As far as I know, he's just responsible for IC2, which has no effect on time in MC.

    The only thing I will add to the previous post is that I DO NOT SUPPORT TECHNIC PACK!! Also, if anyone sees this addon in that pack's download, please contact me. I will get it removed from the pack. I apologize if this is rude, but they refuse to get permission to use the mods first, and will assume that the authors will give it after the fact. I do nod disapprove of modpacks, but I would at least like a heads up ahead of time in most cases.

    Zipp, cpw, did either of you get asked to include AdvMachines (probably an old version, # isn't stated) in Technic Pack? The SMP version (Known as "Tekkit") lists it under the mods list, which makes me think it is included in the SSP Technic as well.

    EDIT: Link updated, now works.

    I've been having this problem with tekkit in that if there's 5 people online and one of them sleeps then it instantly turns to day. I strongly dislike this but I can't find which of the mods it is that makes this happen.

    Not sure. Tekkit = Techinic Pack Bukkit server, so maybe ask the technic people?

    EDIT: I'm suspecting that a bukkit plugin is responsible. I haven't really heard of any mods that do so...

    But if you change the block ID of something you've already built and/or placed, that item will change in your world.

    I know how to manually change block IDs but I don't see anything in the advanced machines config that allows me to change the ID for the solar array. I'm already using 189 for my Halogen Lights.

    If it isn't in your config (It should be automatically added, as it did when I loaded 3.1 for the first time, using the same config file I've had since the 1.23 version of AM), add this to the block section of the config, with whatever ID you have open:

    1. blockSolarArray=189

    Well this system seems to be working much better, all the new pics are last. Did some major wiring for the battery status display, along with a revamp of the cactus auto collection system to decrease waste on destroyed cactus, tell me what you think this time MrJohnnZ...

    Click here to see pics, newest pics are last.

    Oh god. Those wires. Those pipes. THE HORROR!

    At the pipes, at the very least. I use the Foresty Cactus harvester. Used to do the same thing as the pipes, except just for cactus dropped withing a 10x10x? area (height is not mentioned on the wiki), but since it has changed to an actual harvester, I'm reconsidering using it...

    Maybe use a water current so that all the cactus is collected at one or two points? It's a personal choice. I prefer to use as few pipe as possible if I can.

    In the 1.21 changelog, it says: "Fixed FoamSprayer overriding ClayDust", so CF Foam was added in between 1.21 and 1.15, so if you're running 1.337b, it should have it. If you have TMI or NEI, check through them (and/or the IC2 config file) for the clay dust item. If it's not there, something's wrong.

    BTW, just in case, you use a clay block in the macerator for clay dust.

    As for auto factory, probably the smarter RP tubes, makes factories so much easier, though they are not CPU friendly. My computer can handle it fine, but I'm thinking of when I distribute this world.

    This I want to see. I've always built (more or less) BC-only factories, and the one result I found that had actual crafting was EPIC (though quite complicated).