[BUG] 1.43 MP, Rubber trees

  • This is more just a nuisance than anything, but I believe it should be a relatively quick thing to find and fix.

    I created a rubber tree farm, and the sticky resin only occasionally regenerates. If I run really far away (unload chunk) and back (reload chunk), they reappear. The other option is to disconnect from my server and reconnect. Suddenly, I'll have a whole slew of sticky resin to extract from the rubber trees when a few seconds ago I had none. I suspect this is a server updating the client issue as reloading chunks seems to fix this. The other possibility is the texture/block display is not refreshed when it's status changes. If I knew where the sticky resin was hiding, this would be much easier to point you in the right direction.

    I have only played SP about a minute - namely long enough to see if I saw any new ores to see if I installed it correctly, so I don't know if this is present there, too.

  • I believe this is a known problem with world updates in multiplayer. Try placing or removing a torch near the tree; this should also prompt it to update and is rather easier than walking a long way or logging out and back in. Of course you still have to wait the necessary amount of time for the resin to come back; this is to make the resin visible on the client side once the server has decided it's back.

  • Actually it's worse; I found I had to place the torch /exactly/ next to the block with the hole to get it to update.

    Also, it's a bit unlucky; but I -have- had one or two rubber trees out of a few dozen grow in without any sap-holes at all.

  • Actually most of my rubber trees dont even have sap-hole

    i dont know if its a bug or if it is intended

    Did they have one at one time? The IC2 rubber trees should nearly always have at least /one/ /somewhere/ (you might need to prune back leaves to see it). RP2 rubber trees (HUGE!!!) have no such holes.