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    About OutlandCraft

    OutlandCraft is a Minecraft server based loosely on the movie Outland (1981). This is the story of Con-Am X12, a scientific reseach facility operated by the Con-Amalgamated Corporation floating in a thin layer of breathable air around Jupiter.

    Con-Am X12's official mission is to develop a new energy source from the gases of Jupiter's upper atmosphere. But deep in the bowels of the research lab is the real reason for X12's existence: Scientists have recently discovered the ability to teleport people and small objects to distant worlds.

    Wormholes can be created, but to where is not known. What is known is the wormhole can be kept up for exactly 1 week. Because this research project is very expensive, Con-Amalgamate insists it pay for itself by mining each new world it discovers.

    This is where YOU come in. You have been recruited from the best of the best miners of Con-Am's most profitable installations. You'll start out in the dormitory you're familiar with.

    However, because this is a long-term assignment, you have the ability to earn the rights to purchase better accommodations and build your own modules on the station. With time and hard work, you can move up through the ranks to become part of the Administrative staff of this, or other mining facilities.

    All technologies at Con-Amalgamated's disposal will become available once we re-tool it to work in Jupiter's atmosphere and through the Teleport Gates. This includes RedPower, ComputerCraft and IndustrialCraft

    If you so choose to join the Con-Am X12's team, you will be among the most privileged of all mining personnel in the company.

    Detailed Information


    OutlandCraft has a thriving economy based on Iron Blocks (IB). Miners' primary source of iron is through the ore found on each planet. Once enough iron has been mined, it can be turned over to the Station to build a habitat.

    But, this is not the only source of Iron Blocks, as there is an active market on Con-Am X12. Many miners earn a healthy income on the side by:

    - Selling leftover ore and processed materials
    - Buying habitats and renting them out
    - Renting time on high-tech Industrial-Craft machines
    - Conducting science and mining missions for Con Amalgamated


    Dorms: (Cost: Free, Size: 12x12x12) New miners start out in the dorms on Con-Am. There are public machines available for miners to break down their ore, and basic power in the dorm for the bare essentials. Although some machines are allowed, the dorms are really a stepping stone to habitats that can be contracted to build. Once you move on, please vacate your dorm so other new miners can have a bunk to crash in.

    Tiny Habitat: (Cost: 500 IB, Size: 16x16x13) Once a miner has enough iron blocks accumulated, they can contract with the Station's construction team to build a Tiny Hab. These are the first Habitats that can be extended up or down for an additional 500 IB per extension.

    Small Habitat: (Cost: 5,000 IB, Size: 46x46x13) These Habitats are a great stretch goal for successful miners! With 3 chunks square you can set up farming, limited automation, and plenty of machines to set up a profitable venture. These can be extended up or down for 5,000 IB each extension.

    Medium Habitat: (Cost: 25,000 IB, Size: 112x112x13) Running a large Mining company? This is the perfect hab to set up a conglomerate of you very own! Or, get together with many of your co-miners and set up a collective. Once you pay for the hab, it's yours for life!

    Large Habitat: (Cost: 200,000 IB, Size: 192x192x13) We really have to fly in the space-station construction crew for this one, but if the price is right, They're willing to build it. They charge a premium, but it's well worth it to have the equivalent floorspace of Con-Am X12.

    Con-Am Facility: (Cost: 1,000,000 IB) Satisfied with the construction of Con-Am X12 and want one for your very own? Buy one! Con-Am's Space Station Construction facility builds and ships this in no-time. With this space station comes the expectation from Corporate that you will also conduct missions. Therefore you will have your very own staff of Engineers and Scientists to run another Portal.


    Administrator Roles

    These roles demand a higher level of trust that comes with the ability to affect gameplay. For this reason, anyone in the following positions do not participate in the economy, nor in the Missions. Each role has a lead, and a backup, and can choose to have a moderator or player to assist with specific duties that does not affect gameplay.

    Gameplay Vision Architect: Ensures all policy and balancing efforts adhere to the OutlandCraft vision as laid out in the Server Info posting.
    Leads: allbad, Zardoz66

    Personnel Admin: Responsible for selecting Moderators and ulitmate authority on griefing and other people related issues. Uses HawkEye and the Grief Report forum as primary tools.
    Lead: Zardoz66

    Server Admin: Responsible for upgrading mods/plugins and maintaining the server that hosts OutlandCraft.
    Leads: static_sprocket, allbad

    Economic Admin: Maintains balance in the economy. The Commodity Exchange is the primary tool to do this, but also ensures that runaway inflation through unlimited free power and materials do not occur.
    Lead: Zardoz66

    Construction Engineer: Responsible for building habitats and assigning players to worldguard regions.
    Lead: static_sprocket

    Public Relations: Communicates with external sites and forums to provide advertising for OutlandCraft.
    Lead: allbad

    Other Roles

    Moderator: Responsible for providing tours to new players and has enough permissions to get players out of a bug/server related bind. Moderators on OutlandCraft do not have as many powers as on other servers due to the expectation they are to participate in the economy.

    Jove Jockey: Veteran miner who has purchased at least a Tiny Habitat. Responsible for whitelisting new players. Also encouraged to help build the economy by setting up a shop on Level 4 of Con-Am X12.

    Connection Information

    Here is all the information you will need to get connected.


    Follow Zardoz's Magic Launcher method:


    Minecraft Server
    Name: home.outlandcraft.com (default port 25565)

    Teamspeak Server
    Name: teamspeak.outlandcraft.com
    Password: lagguser

    IRC Server (linked with In-game chat)

    Channel: #outlandcraft


    Feel free to walk around the station and see if OutlandCraft is right for you. When ready to have full server privileges, Click here to Donate $10 to OutlandCraft to be promoted to the Rank of Miner.

  • So, while I wait for the confirmation E-Mail on the outlandcraft.com forum, I'll use this post to put a lot of suggestions in writing before I forget them.
    This post will be constantly edited.


    Advanced Machines
    For obvious reasons

    Additional Pipes
    Teleport Pipes!
    One of the possibilities could be: Renting multiple smaller living spaces (will explain that in a gameplay suggestion) to set machines up and link them together instead of needing a big habitat.

    Chat Commands
    More functionality.

    Extinguish between different ranks of players.

    Allows for a economy. A must have in my opinion.

    Gameplay Mechanics

    Community Missions / Main Missions / Side Missions
    Side Missions for personal wealth (Credits / temporary permissions / Materials) that can be done once by everyone.
    Main Missions that maybe push the storyline a little. They can only be done once by one player, so there will be a competition for the prize.
    Community quests that everyone can be part of. They will benefit ALL of the players whether they participated or not. Contrary to the Main Missions, they will strenghten team spirit and solidarity. Also the atmosphere can profit story-wise from those quests.

    Example: The Station is short on Iron to build an advanced machine room. The players are asked to put iron ore into a protected obsidian pipe that sucks them into chests in the staff area. When the limit is reached, there will be a community announcement and they will gain the access to another public machine room.

    NPC Shops / Trade Machines / Other Automated Shop Mechanics
    Rations - Food rations that are available for each player every ingame day. For extra food you will have to pay.

    Salary - Daily pay (ingame days) for being online. The amount of salary increases with the rank.
    Rent - Fixed cost for every living space. Will only be subtracted when the player is online. The daily pay of the lowest rank is just a little bit higher than the daily rent of the smallest living space.


    (Can be the reward of the aforementioned community quests)

    Space that can be rented to plant food on the station

    Airlock to Io
    A tunnel with a piston airlock that you have to pass through to access Io, a world rich with ores, limited to higher ranks, that have proven themselves to be experienced miners.

    Where you can get your daily ration and purchase more food.

    Trading Area
    An area with an array of protected rooms. Each room is divided with glass panels into two party for each ot the players. Each part of the room has a slot to put items into and a pressure plate. Only when both of the players stand on the pressure plate the items will move to the different part of the room by a water flow or pistons, ensuring a safe trade. (Can be easily realized with RP2's AND-Function.

    The Market
    If iConomy is added that would be the area to rent some space for chest shops.

    There's a lot more to come. The story setup creates a lot of possibilities to create a roleplaying atmosphere, different from most of the minecraft server.

  • Great sever it's very different and promotes teamwork with the community, Constant updates and additions plus the administrators are always asking for player input to help improve the sever. Overall its a very fun sever I've enjoyed playing on it the last few days everyone friendly and helpful and things are being improved on every day. It also has a Role Playing aspect not much into it myself but its pretty cool how they use it to explain some bugs, fixes and introductions to new plugins and mods. I recommend you guys try it out it's been growing steadily in the last few days and its more challenging then most other severs out there hope to see more people in the sever :thumbup:

  • Today's Gate change had a little hickup as
    our engineers were trying to hone-in on the remote planet. Great
    anticipation was building around the gate as Con Am's forward team of
    miners waited to head on, not knowing what lies on the other side.

    I'M Through! cried one miner as he tried
    the gate without getting acknowledgement from management. The rest of
    the team spilled forth to see what new riches lie before them.

    This is it? an Ocean world? said the
    befuddled miners. Better set up base anyway... It's getting dark and
    who knows what kind of nasties can get us out here.

    Teamwork is the key early on! If we don't protect the gate, we have all kinds of issues when night falls, and we're way behind.

    One miner headed north in a boat, another gambled that land lie to the south and started his railway.

  • the magic launcher in the client mods is abit confusing atleast a guide on how to use it whould be nice i NEVER heard about magic launcher