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    Updated to b29. Finally got around to texture those sorting machines into a scanner look. There's probably a bit too much text on the screen that I might remove later on.

    Also we're working on a huge new derelict space station, solely made of bedrock and I'm trying to get as much variation as possible into them through the connected textures mod. It's a bit of a pain to figure out how stuff works though.

    Anyone know a good CTM tutorial?

    1. Do a quick forum search to check for duplicate suggestions. Devs don't have much time, respect that.
    2. If you want to suggest something it would be better to post more elaborate information of how they should be implemented.

    In your case you're just saying: "I want moar metals for better tools and new machines!"

    Actually if I think about it, it's insulting to any developer to read this.
    Do you really think they couldn't have come up with this idea without you?

    Questions that I can throw at you right now:

    How would those ores contribute to the game experience?
    How rare would they be?
    In what height would they appear?
    Which items would actually use them?
    In what way would they have to be processed?
    How can we balance the recipes with the occurrence of the ores?

    That's only a fraction of what they actually have to worry about.
    Please think of that first before making a suggestions that would have a huge impact on the game.

    Ew, just found out what a macerator is. They're usually used to mince poop into manageable bits.

    Back to topic:
    I can only think of two ways adding an area effect block into IC.

    1. Block that distributes NanoBots into the air to induce different effects to your body. It's very utopian, thus unlikely to happen.
    2. Wireless energy block, that recharges your electrical armor. This idea I actually really like.

    Please make this happen!
    I couldn't think of a reason not to. And this would even make different game ideas possible.
    Since there is no limitless EU storage block yet, setting the multiplier to 0 is going to let me
    build a PVP / spleef / capture the flag arena set in space on asteroids and spaceships connected by teleports.
    And all that without using a teleport plugin :D

    Holoblocks as in: Clicking the slot with an item in your hand selects the item without actually putting it in?

    Why would that ever be denied? It's how every machine should work. Including RedPower,... now that I think of it.
    If Eloraam hasn't included it, it may be more annoying than worth it.

    Threadjacking to get an opinion before I make an actual topic.
    I'm thinking of a solution how to manage both stupidity and assing around.

    There are a lot of annoyances in the suggestion threads. So many that using the fear of getting flamed is a necessary means of enforcing a certain level of quality. But that's not all.
    This is mainly because a traditional forum isn't fit for that kind of thing:

    - Good threads get lost because of stupid new suggestions
    - Only way to tell the "validity" of a poster is the post count
    - Dead threads that get bumped due to off-topic banter

    I'd like to either move the suggestion section to somewhere with a "reddit-ish" voting functionality or include it into the forum if that's something that can be done rather easily. (Obviously no experience on that topic.)

    - Good threads get bumped to the top for the devs to see
    - Repeated suggestions and irrelevant can quickly be downvoted into oblivion
    - Quick view of the quality of the post / poster

    What do you mean with "orientation thing can't be done with just textures"?

    There were some graphical rotation issues on SMP, where the output side is displayed incorrectly, but apart from that it has always worked for me.
    (If I remember correctly this was solved after we moved from multi-world IC 1.95b to multi-server 1.97)

    You can make the cropnalyzer accept lapotron crystals in the config file. (atleast energy crystals work on my server)

    Agree on the scanning part. I've never not put a seed in four times.
    While I can understand that some hurdles are there by design, this is just an annoyance with no actual value for the game experience.

    Wasn't there talk about a stationary cropnalyzer in the works? I'm pretty sure of it.

    Oh, so it's more about exploration and enjoying the environment than efficiency.
    That'd really be nice, but as anyone else said it's highly unlikely to happen in IC.
    Your best bet would be to hope there's a mod for that somewhere out there.
    (Your idea does sound like material for a separate mod anyway)

    By the way, railcraft really isn't much expensive if you got a nice miner setup going on.

    That does sound useful, though I don't find it very important to improve rubbertree harvesting much further, especially with the much more efficient stickreeds.

    Also 16 per harvest is better, unless you want to annoy people.

    Quote from 'GregoriusT

    i saw absolutely NO MOD, which has a One-Block-BUD-Detector

    Better than wolves has two BUDs, the detector block that detects updates on the front and the buddy block that reacts to changes of any adjacent block.

    The laser mod has a laser ray that detects in a straight line (unsure what the maximum distance was) and it can - if configured correctly - even differentiate between blocks, items, mobs and players.

    So solar panels can output into other solar panels, effectively being used as micro storage blocks? How much EU of input could a solar panel withstand?
    I'm not satisfied with how the mechanic of the output spot works, having to orient hundreds of panels for a solar farm.


    If Solar Panel has no side marked as output, it behaves as now.

    That creates a small problem. How do I return them to an "outputless" state?

    Throwing another idea into the pot:
    Not sure if this can be easily done, but can't solar panels check for other adjacent panels and then be grouped, having only one single output spot?

    Only the panel that is set down / removed would have to check once, it's not something that has to be repeated.

    Of course there has to be a limit or else ULV cables will become redundant.
    In combination with the connected textures mod, that comes built-in with optifine, I can imagine beautiful 3x3 sized solar areas.