★ OutlandCraft ★ bukkit MC 1.2.5 ★ IC2 ★ Redpower2 ★ ComputerCraft ★ Anti-grief: Full access with $10 donation

  • Great server and very interesting game type.
    Having a world that changes weekly makes it a bit more interesting, especially as the worlds are custom generated so one week we could have floating islands, next week a mario style mushroom world, then maybe next week a standard vanilla world. Because of this, there is no map resets :) and we all live on the station where we can buy sections of land (habs) to build our permanent bases.
    So great fun if you ask me and well worth it

  • Lots of improvements have been made to help with client side lag, and Zardoz has put in lots of work to know what causes it. We are currently offering a voluntary move to less laggy sides of the map so that long standing players with lots of client side lag inducing objects won't have their stuff messed with.

    Also, we will be making significant changes this weekend to help reduce server-side lag even further. Right now we are on a HVM guest, but will be switching to PV guest which will have better CPU utilization.

    And the big improvement: We will be moving from a multiple-world-on-one-server model to one world, multiple servers using the Transporter bukkit plugin. This will allow us to further segregate our CPU/RAM/Bandwidth utilization and fix all kinds of bugs present with multiworld.

  • Been on the server since February or so, and it has been a GREAT experience, very much worth the one-time $10 to get build rights on the server (though you can walk around the main station freely to preview the server beforehand). Staff is fair and professional when it matters, but lighthearted enough to be able to take a joke (and dish it out on occasion!).

  • Got to say, this server is worth every penny! I will say up front, YES, it does cost $10 USD to get off the greylist. YES, that's awfully expensive for some. BUT, I feel it's been worth every penny, and I've hardly been there a month! This site is everything I've wanted about a IC2/RP/CC server rolled into one: A steady "stationside" map that never changes combined with a "planetside" map that rotates every week (so you never run out of fresh places to stripmine with your RP frame mega-rig!), a consistent reward system for working hard and playing the game, an easy to understand economy (based on iron blocks, how much more simple can it get?), and a great userbase that's always willing to help out! Having played minecraft since the Alpha days (remember when forests used to burn forever?), I've got to say this is the most fun I've ever had on a Minecraft server! Definitely worth every dollar!

  • Can't really say anything none of the others have said. Only been on a couple weeks and managed to make enough IC to purchase my own hab. Sixty-four IC may seem like a lot when you see it takes 9 iron blocks for 1 IC but it's not that hard to get. And the $10 donation isn't really that bad at all. Espicially since it's a one-time donation, not a monthly subscription.