Suggestion: Palm Scanner (or Retina Scanner if you prefer)

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    Palm Scanner (or retina scanner if you like the sound of that better)


    * - * - *
    RI - GD - Ri
    Ri - EC - RD

    RI: refined Iron
    GD: glowstone dust
    EC: Electronic circuit
    RD: redstone dust
    *: nothing


    In essence this works exactly like a lever, with the one exception that it 'imprints' on the first person that uses it. (hence it's basically a lever that only responds to a single person) This allows for a new way to secure advanced machines and bases. A truly clever person could use this as an 'override switch' to retake control of an advanced base or complex redstone wiring mechanism. Following this line of thought it would be nice to have the scanner stick well to sticky pistons (allowing it to come out of the wall, or floor like a boss ;) ) -> Would have some limited use in SMP I think.

  • cool idea since you got personal chests i think it would not be hard to code in
    i would replace my self destruct lever for that because my bro keeps finding it and hitting it :cursing:

  • That'd be pretty sweet, so long as people don't just break the door down and it's just for aesthetics or something, not protecting personal safes, as those would be cheaper...

    :Nuke TNT: + Reinforced Door = MinecraftCreeper

    :Mining Laser: HEADSHOT :Mining Laser:
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