Server: Gult's Gorge (IC/BC with Ish fix and REDPOWER)

  • IGN: NewFallout
    I've been playing minecraft with many type of mods and know how to play.
    Haven't been ban and never will be.

  • Hi, I'm KillSpammer I'd like to join your server for several reasons:
    1. Your post doesn't look like a 4 year old typed it in their sleep.
    2. IC and Buildcraft are awesome and I want a multiplayer server with it on, as I've had no luck setting up my own. (Stupid mods :/)
    3. Your active on the whitelist! Yayyy! (Actually its because you don't want me to pay) :/

    I'm usually a nice, mature guy and I'm not a lil' annoying kid! I hope this is reason enough to accept me.

    User: Killspammer

  • most people on this serve do avoid acting like 2 year old's but we will let almost any one play as long as they don't try to ruin the quality of fun of others ill expect para to update it when he sees it cheers
    this was MinecraftSheep i think we are done here
    *edit crap levint found it first :| *

    u poked me but i poked back
    with a golden wrench MinecraftSheep <is my sig

  • My name is scottyboy12321

    I believe i should join your server because i am a skilled builder and have been looking for an opertunity like this for a while

    I have always wanted to use machines in this i hope you whitelist me


  • Microsoft Security Essentials detected a "severe" class "exploit" with Java starting the name when I downloaded Minecraft 1.9 Pre release 2 off of the forums.

    Can anyone answer this question?:

    To virus or not to virus?


    Also this is Windows 7 updated Microsoft Security Essentials and with my XP computer Ive seen viruses that make the anti virus program yellow but this time it was red. The website and the program said "severe".

  • Depending on where you downloaded it from, it might but if you downloaded it off an official download link you should be right. Security Essentials is a bit crappy. My antivirus detected the official MinecraftServer.exe as a virus and deleted it :/

  • User: Flowqtz
    Referal: KillSpammer

    History: I'm KillSpammer's friend who showed me buildcraft and industrial craft when he found it, I thought it was awesome and I wanted to play it on SMP but couldn't find any servers but my friend did. I've never griefed and not a bad guy.

  • IGN: ninjaplease41
    I have downloaded the Technic pack and I have gotten some experience from that and id love to play this on a dedicated server and i have never been banned, i am a nice person and can help on building projects or industrial craft projects

  • I would like to join the server

    My IGN is 10art1

    A brief history:
    I was an operator on prox12, the oldest running server on minecraft, until it disbanded fall of 2010. I have joined a yogscast server, became a popular figure, and within 6 months I got on the people's nerves and I quit. Then I got industrialcraft, realized it is no fun without buildcraft, tried to make a youtube video but the sound sucked so I didnt do it, and here I am now.

  • Yeppie! Over 94% of Minecraft Voters voted YES to hosted Live Streams. :!: Diamond Drill

    Found a mod that lets you change your texturepacks without leaving the game. Useful for not disconnecting from multiplayer.