[Suggestion] Status Indicators, Charging in machines, Animated textures

  • As I have searched about 4 pages, used the search box and come up empty. I don't know if this has been suggested that batteries that have room for more energy in them if placed in the bottom of an electric furnace, or macerator or similar item, they do not charge from the incoming EU from cables.
    Would it be possible to implement that ability to the machines to charge batteries in its bottom slot automatically, so the back up is their when the bat box is down or something.

    Also another suggestion is to implement two status lights to the machines.

    Which will indicate 3 States of Power
    Green: Power Available from Wire(coming from bat-box, MFSU or Reactor...w/e)
    Amber: Power UN-available from Wire, Running off of bottom slot (battery or equivalent accepted power item)
    Red: No Power from either bottom slot or wire, running off of last internal power (light will fade if possible from red to black as the power decreases (signified by the lightning or power symbol in the machines)
    Black/off: No Power...obvious

    Also an operational Indicator

    Steady Green: Operating Normally, requires Green Power Indicator, and steady supply of resources (Above 5)
    Green/Amber Alternating: Operating Normally, Running out of supply (when stack of supply is 5 or less)
    Green/Red Alternating: Operating Normally, power on battery/or_w/e reserves about to run out.
    Blinking Amber: Operations Halted, Internal Storage of finished product full
    Blinking Red: Item is incompatible with this machine/Nothing to do
    Steady Red: Operations Halted by Player control (Lever or similar has caused a stall on production)
    Off: No Power, no indicator

    Also like RP Bat box or similar, it would be a nice touch to have bars that show the Supply Stack levels, the Result Stack Levels, and the battery or Supply Levels, also an animation to indicate smooth operation. and different colors based on what the item is macerating or compressing or w/e if possible

    Need opinions but i think it would be a nice addition to the world of Industrial craft 2 :)

  • Such things should be at least possible. I understand RedPower, though I haven't actually tried it myself, displays a rough charge level of its battery boxes on the surfaces of the boxes in a little bar graph type thing, so clearly customization of block textures based on tile entity contents can be done, and not just for one or two textures either but for a significant range of values.

  • was going to post these ideas myself but someone beat me to it so just adding a bit. indicators so you wouldn't have to check charge on MFSU or temperature of a reactor would be nice.

    1. if you do add a temperature indicator for a nuclear reactor, instead of putting it on the reactor itself you could have a block that would show the tempeture of the reactor it was placed next to, or preferably sort of like in railcraft where you have a device that links two machines, in this case you would link a reactor data block.

    2. adding more to the data block you could make it really impressive, the block have switch to turn the reactor on/off, show temperature, power output, heat change/t time remaining till the first uranium cell expires or depleted cell recharges.