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    Well both GregT and RichyG both have put malware into their code in the past to stop players from using their mods.

    To stop certain users aka modpacks users/creators no all users. They are sharing their creations for free, the least you could do is follow the few "stupid"(Defines not as something bad, but incredible easy that i don't know why would anyone not follow them) rules they have so you can use their stuff without worrying.

    I'm out of this forum for weeks and stuff like these filter through the holes?

    Main reason why Watermill + Pipes hasn't been accepted in iC2 its because WATER ITS UNLIMITED, with the proper setup you will make infinite water for the rest of your world lifetime.

    If Mojang keeps it up for much longer, they might even rival Valve releasing anything with a 3 in its title

    Or maybe it will be like Duke Nukem Forever, 10-15 years in development, then finally released, but when its released its a piece of shit compared to the alternatives in the market.

    Edit: Also nothing to do (Directly) With IC2, so wrong forum for this (I had to, i haven't been bitching in here for days)

    That feature would copy RP2 ^^
    But I still agree on the fact IC²-luminators would need something more than lighting to be useful ... avoiding mob spawning in a larger zone than it lightzone could be cool I guess :)

    If you don't find light itself to be useful enough, then you must be either a bat or a vampire.

    Real reason why Hydroelectric power can't be as good as IRL: In RL water actually moves from place to place, in minecraft water create magic bullshit seudoblocks to simulate water movement. Also i wish you could make infinite water with 2 water buckets irl...

    No i understood quite clearly that he was referring to a suit after the nano suit, which i told him that the whole stupid joke of having ALTERNATE upgrade paths is that you either get better by focusing on one aspect (Armor), or lose in that aspect to focus/gain another (Extra Energy from Crystals/Lapotrons at the cost of armor).

    Oh no! I love spending HOURS of my time configuring mods! What is this 1 click installation! I hate doing things easily, so I'm going to go start a massive shitstorm about how tekkit sucks!
    BTW: tekkit is epic. It contains IC2 so I can't see why you are complaining.

    You are the living embodiment of one of the many reason why tekkit is hated. Any real need to revive such a dead and re-beaten horse? /rhetorical question

    Everything but BatBox, MFE, and MFSU should retain energy, imo.


    Preferably, they should keep all upgrade inside of them as well, allowing for larger EU storages inside of the machines to be transported.

    The joke of not having mfsu+company to not retain full charges, its to not make lapotrons+company useless. Besides i don't think keeping upgrades in place its possible either.

    If Batbox, MFE, and MFSU can be transported with their EU, then remove the energy storage of batteries, energy crystals, and lapatron crystals and allow them to stack.

    What? Lapotrons and company can't be stacked because they use meta values to show how much EU they have stored (Making them too unique to allow stacking). Lapotron and Energy Crystal not stacking when empty its most likely a design choice. (Or a feature, w/e you want to call it)

    Its easier to think IC2 exist in a vacuum rather than try to balance it taking in consideration the absurd amount of mods out there. Yes they are general methods to prevent other mods to interact with your mod, but they are just that, general. They are quite limited compared to specific methods for each mod, and general methods may also break some compatibility with other mods that you think its rather ok to have in your mod.

    This is one, rather effective method, to approach minecraft modding. You also have the BTW approach of shunning yourself from forge to keep interaction with other mods to the minimum, keeping the "Purity" of your mod intact, or the TerraFirmaCraft approach in changing the basics of the game so much, that other mods barely affect anything at all.

    Not possible. Only PlayerInventories and special Inventories are able to do so. You can eternally store anything in a regular Chest without any Timer ticking.

    Does it recognize when the item is placed/removed from a player inventory to a chest? If so this can be easily solved by removing all the charge without caring about the timer when the player tries to take it out of the chest. (Or removing the charge at the moment its placed in the chest would work too.)

    Thats one of the jokes that might explain why wrenching a energy filled MFSU lose part of its charge. (The damaging the player one)

    Still like that conditional that if the mfsu have been too long in a inventory (Any), it will lose any EU still in storage (Due to the MFSU not properly set-up/placed) + Losing that 10-20% Eu when wrenched (Either by mistake or intentional). That would allow partially filled mfsu to be moved without waiting for it to discharge, but not useful/abusive enough to replace lapotrons with a MFSU in your inventory.

    The shocking the player its just a "for the heck of it" thing for me.

    And just as a remainder, we should talk only about vainilla IC in here, because we all know that things like balance and sense will be thrown out of the window when another mod besides IC its mentioned.

    EDIT: To sum up my thoughts on this:

    -10-20% loss per disassemble to prevent the Place,Recharge,Remove portable msfu behavior.
    -Full discharge of the mfsu after X amount of time to prevent the Charge to full, remove, store in a box, place new mfsu, recharge,rinse and repeat behavior. (Yes you lose 10-20% EU per remove, but you are still left with 80-90% of the capacity to move it to a really far away base, which is also something lapotrons are made for). Batbox/MFE/MFSU are supposed to be STATIONARY Energy storage units.

    Second option confused me. Can you change it to this?

    Yes, all machines should store energy.
    Yes, but storage units should lose some/most energy
    Yes, but storage units should not store any energy
    No, Because f you. (Dis a joke)
    Doesn't affect me at all.

    Because in the end we agree machine storing energy its a good idea, but storage units keeping most of it can be bad for portable energy storage units.