[Suggestion] Spider-Eye -> Slimeball

  • Since Slimeballs are mostly replaced by resin in IC2 it wouldn't damage balance that hard, but I feel Spider-Eyes are somehow worthless, because you only need them for brewing and using IC2... well, it feels strange.

    So the suggestion is quite simple:

    Compressor + Spider-Eye = Slimeball

  • eh, for what?

    actually this will ruin balance, due lavaresist potion that can be farmed too easy with such recipe.


  • Yeah... lava-resist-potions. I guess you noticed that you will need blaze-rods for this. So Slimes are way easier to find and kill then blazes. And of course you need an awkward-potion first, which requires nether-ward... I don't see the disturbance which a slimeball could probably be, because it's the easiest avaible material.

    Basically the only reason for this is to have a additional use for spider-eyes which shouldn't be hard to implement.

  • blaze easy to find and easy to farm, slimes not.

    you want recipe that significantly drop value of slimeballs.


  • Hmmm... as soon as you have a slime-chunk slimes are peace of cake. Blaze will at least try to hurt you.

    I have slimes way before I even have my first diamond (not Industrial one). For Blaze-Rods and Netherward are way harder. Netherward binds you to the nether long enough for it to growth and Blazes will at least hurl some fireballs at you. It took me about 20mins to farm a stack of Slimeballs, this would be enough for 200 Fire-Resist-Potion... well and even a Nano-Suit/Diamond-Armor is enough that lava don't hurt you much if you drop in accidently and without that I basically don't fight Blazes so I just don't need the Potion.

    The only real use of the potion is to farm blazes... so well the purpose is somehow self-defeating. The only reason I go to the nether is for glowstone-dust and netherward, but even there Canned Food is way better then HP-Potions. So it's down to glowstone... I just can't see what incredible balance-destruction a fire-resistance-potion would be... it only protects from falling into lava... which happens very rarely and normally doesn't kill you either.

    The purpose of the suggestion is just to make the machines more like real machines. Actually they seem more like things that follow straight recipes. If a machine can compress snow to ice it should be able to smash a spider-eye.

    There are other options too:

    Wood + Macerator = Sawdust

    Sawdust + Gunpowder = whatever (well in reality Sawdust or Sand is used in TNT, but one thing is missing)

    whatever + Compressor = Something that could be used for an alternative TNT-Recipe (one without sand, like with 4 pieces of this, for use in the small crafting-grif)

    Bones + Macerator = +1 Bonemeal

    Wheat + Macerator = Flour (only two needed for Bread)

    Since Items are basically limitless there isn't much work and it gives a more realistic feeling if machines could do what machines should be able to do.