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    Why? Do you dislike to have access to iron-equvalent armor at the endgame?

    I like the MPS-Recipies more than MFR. MPS is a holy-shit wtf. armor. And some advanced plating with titanium is easily done and you have indestructible diamond-armor without enchants. Updating it to energy-shields makes it pretty much like a Gravi-Suit which is also quite expensive. The batteries are kinda rough though. In the normal IC2 or TE recipies the best battery is too cheap. The HV-Capacitator is just an energy-cell + a bit of silver/copper... thats very cheap.

    The only thing that is really ridicolous expensive is flight-control... but than again it is flight, which is indeed best ability to have on an armor and compared to the jetpack you can actually move very precisily. Given the fact that 9 Ferrous Ore = 1 Iridium getting a good MPS isnt that hard. The emeralds are kinda tricky sometimes, since you need extreme-hills, a village or chests for them (or well ocean + railcraft), it isnt that hard to get them but it can be tricky sometimes. The rest isnt that hard and it actually is an achievement.

    Edit: Thaumcraft wasnt included just because it was more about Magic (same for Ars), while I didn't want Extrabees/trees in it for serious balance Reasons.

    The Adventure Mods (Twilight Forest and Dimensional Doors, yes these are more of adventure Mods), are there to give people something to explore, when enabled. Mystcraft was just added, in case of Server Owners needing additional Worlds.

    I kinda understand the TC3-Thing, although golems running around between your machines always was kinda funny.

    But I dont get Extrabees/Trees. I always figured that they have a high effort-return value. Breeding the stuff costs you a lot time or energy-wise. But they provide a nice return. I think with forestry on hardmode it wont be that easy to breed bees (and I think extra-bees have additional settings to not make it that easy). But getting a nice bee is similar to getting your grinder. You put in a lot of effort, but you finally get a nice payoff.

    So would it be a possibility to add exspecially TC3 as a disabled by default mod to the pack, so that server-owners who really like a bit of a crossover between tech & magic have the easy solution to tell people to simply enabling the mod, instead of copying it over from another pack?

    Also I finally got used to wrenching the machines, although it is still sometimes confusing that the look of some machines dont really change, only the automated-output moves around. Also have you ever thought about "copying" TEs setup to assign outputs?

    Blacklisted Items are not going into my Recyclers by using Automation.

    I would have figured this out if the recycler would not have consumed it. Actually I was expecting cobble to be blacklisted but I tried to recycle a piece of cobble and it worked (I didn't expect to get scrap from a single piece).

    But well I guess I first need to try most stuff out, since I have a lot of other things in mind which are propably blacklisted as well^^. But in the end the easiest solution would be using obsidian since water and lava are endless to a similar degree and I pump a lot of lava anyway and a single ender-tank would solve the problem.

    I just noticed something... weird.

    The automatic recycler doesn't accept item-input from... well whatever side. I first tried igneous extruders on top of them, and they weren't able to output into the recycler. I tried the extruder at the side with the same effect. I tried BC-pipes with a different effect, but not the one I aimed for (thanks to pipe-behavior I had a floor covered in cobble-stone) and I tried the vanilla hopper.

    The same things work for every other GregTech machine, but not the Recycler. I simply switched them with normal IC2-Recyclers via NEI which work flawlessly (well except the part at which they should produce scrap). The version is 3.08b and I didn't place any covers on the sides, just in case you might ask and it works with all other machines.

    1) TConstruct enables fortune autosmelting picks.
    2) Users discover this enables ore-duplications (from here on named: exploit)
    3) The exploit gets out in the open
    4+5) Exact sequence of events unknown. mDiyo and Gregtech converse in private about the exploit. Link
    4+5) Exact sequence of events unknown. mDiyo adds an in-game startup message that says Gregtech reverse smelting is an exploit
    6) People blame gregtech and reverse smelting while the problem can pop-up in every mod which enables reverse smelting (like smelting of doors, aluminium, exact examples from other mods could require testing and confirmation, but they are out there)

    Actually I think GregTech is indeed on of the few mods with reverse-smelting. There are other mods like Railcraft or Redpower that do the same, but in the case of Railcraft it only works with the blastfurnace and in case of redpower you need the alloy-furnace.

    Since it only works with blocks and is supposed to work with ores, there are only a few problems.

    Cobblestone -> Stone (although you can turn Stone back into cobblestone... it isn't worth it)
    Obsidian-Pressureplates (well since you smelt the silent ones into normal ones, you could create endless amounts of them)
    Iron-Doors are a problem, I'm not sure but I don't think that only GregTech allows for reverse-smelting them
    Storage-Blocks are definitly problematic

    Even if it works on clay, having tons of bricks isn't that useful, because you can't turn them back into clay. It actually would make sense to only allow it on things for which a fortune-pick would make sense. This would still include storage-blocks. The problem here is neither TC nor GT. The problem is that there are several ores, which are not registered correctly as ores.

    I'm not sure if it is possible to seperate both, but maybe a solution is to limit reverse-smelting to all kind of electric-furnaces. So that there is no standard-smelting recipe for them. Or another solution would be moving all reversing to the macerator. I think iron-doors already could be reverse-smelted and macerated, eliminating the smelting-option would solve the problem.

    Congrats, Clay is definetly an exploit. Potatoes and Logs were okay (but strange), but Clay + Fortune is definetly wrong, as that exceeds the Volume of the original Clay Block. Not that you could reverse Bricks into Clay, but Clay Blocks resulting in more Brick Blocks after harvesting them is not good.

    I wouldn't care about clay too much. If not for decorative uses (exspecially with the new railcraft) you normally want clay-blocks (so the most convenient way is silk-touching), to get clay-dust. If Dartcraft decides that combining the Grinding-Effect (which macerates the mined block) with fortune it would be a greater issue.


    You might didn't see that, but mDiyo added his Message, before I added mine (otherwise I wouldn't even have added my Message). Also my Message became much smaller in the most recent Version, due to that Config he added.

    Seems like a nice place to ask that one. Is there a global config-option to disable all the special storage-block handling and another for all the reverse-crafting? Right now the only one is the search & replace option in whatever editor you use and stop hitting enter before you set something wrong to false. Would be cool to have a global option that forces all other options to behave as false dependend on the global option or simply setting it true to check each seperate. Because in most cases I doubt that someone wants to enable the iron-block crafting but disable the gold-block crafting with machines... would not make much sense. Also it wouldn't make sense to disable reverse-smelting of armor but not of tools. Right now I simply disabled the storage-blocks and the reverse-smelting of iron doors.

    According to Wikipedia, you can get sodium from a few different sources:
    Seawater - Most obvious, too bad we don't have a distinction between sea water and fresh in-game. I guess you could make it so a Cell filled in an Ocean or Beach biome = Seawater Cell and otherwise get a Water Cell? Unsure if it makes sense to allow sodium extraction from any old water...
    Sodium Carbonate - "Can be extracted from the ashes of many plants." We already even have Ash! Just add it to an Ind Centrifuge or Ind Electrolyzer recipe.
    Rock Salt - Another reasonable addition, this block could spawn in Deserts or Mountain Ridges, dropping Pile(s) of Salt which could then be Ind Electrolyzed into Sodium Cells and Chlorite Cells.

    Ash would be the most reasonable... but the problem with ash is that it has a lot of stuff in it. Ash consists of all the minerals the burned organic material consists of. Na2CO3 is only one of it, most notable other materials are oxides for Mg, Ca, Fe, Al etc.

    His Ash-Descriptions is one of the few doubtable things I found in GregTech. Although ash surely has some form of carbides left the most interesting part of it is CaO, which makes it useful as fertilizer (although it is an alkaline fertilizer, which should not be used for everything), while sodium is only one of the many other parts of ash. The only reasonable implementation for a sodium-source would indeed be some kind of salt.

    On the other hand GT doesn't have many uses for sodium. You could increase the yield of some things in the Grinder... but well looking at what you get this is rather doubtful. You can increase the yield of copper (oh... well), Zinc (oh... äh... well) and... ehm... nope thats it. The only useful water-replacement in the grinder is mercury (in theory due to creating amalgam HG solves gold and makes it easier to seperate if from other things HCN could be used to create complex-ions to seperate it, but it is reasonable that we don't see HCN in minecraft).

    So the main reason why we don't see much effort be put into creating more sources for sodium is because it is not very useful so far. Although it is indeed a powerful coolant, but with how useful the IC2-Nuclear-Reactor is even with some new modules from GregTech you barely use a lot of it.

    Let me explain that for you: Dinnerbone is a "nice guy", who thought that shiftclicks shouldn't be transferred to a Block unless the ITEM wants it to. So, my Blocks won't get any shiftclicks into them due to that, what leads to not even being possible to shiftclick the Block at all, meaning I had to get rid of Shiftclicking. I could let the Item transfer the shiftclick to the Block, but then I would have to change all the Items, which don't already do that (some of which, are not belonging to GT).

    And I know that the Output Side of the Auto-Machines and Buffers is reversed. I cant do much about it, without breaking already existing Machines.

    Well that actually is an acceptable reason. Not sure what they screwed with it, but it would be really cool if they implement something useful without breaking even more^^.


    You can use the Wrench russian Style, by just smacking Mobs till they die. Also these are InstaWrenches meaning that they dismantle Machines instantly. That has an Effect on the Durability. And what reason would you have to craft a Steel Wrench, if the Iron Wrench is already Infinite?

    Well damage of course... just give different wrenches more damage and they only take durability losses while combating zombies (only Mr. Freeman can use a wrench on zombie-skulls without breaking it). That actually would solve another problem... killing with wrenches is kinda more engineery than killing them with a sword or even a chainsaw (killing with chainsaws is reserved to strange bigbreasted cheerleaders...).


    Oh, and its RIGHT-Clicking. You might be lefthanded, but you should use the default Terms for that.

    Well... no idea how I ended up with left. I am indeed left-handed, but I still use the mouse with the right hand.


    Steam is not taken into account for MJ Conversion as Steam is another different Energy System. The Main Reason why the Conversion of MJ is so low is, that all those MJ creating Engines dont really fit into the Energy Concept of GT. Look at the Crafting Recipes of all those Engines. Just smash 2 Gears, a Piston, a piece of Glass and 3 Ingots/Plates/Planks together and viola, you got an Engine. That is not even close to my Tech Tree, hence the bad conversion Ratio, which I won't change, unless I somewhen get the Idea of making an MJ generating Block, but even then very unlikely.

    The problem with BC-Engines is that although they only produce very low MJ/t values they create huge amounts of MJ per Fuel-Unit. 18.000 MJ in a Magmatic-Engine to 30.000 EU in a Geothermal (or only 20.000 with the normal Geothermal). And with the Forestry/BC-Exclusive Fuels from Biogas to refined Fuel it it becomes even more problematic.

    On the other hand if you take it as a given, that Lava is the most common early-game energy-source and the conversation would be 1,6666 from MJ to EU if you base it on that. Later in the game I doubt that a higher conversation-rate makes any difference, because Geothermals and Magmatic-Engines are similarly cheap and easy to power in large quantities and steam even more so. (getting over 800 MJ/t is quite easy with some Boilers, which produce tremendous amounts per fuel-units only matched by Combustion-Engines. So I don't think that the conversation-rate even matters in the late-game. So 1:1,5 seems reasonable.

    You need to rotate Transformers, AESU, IDSU, MFSU, MFE, Batbox, Automatic Machines, buffers, translocators, regulators, sorters, scrapboxinators, crafting table...
    Greg wanted to get rid of shift-click to implement his new wrenching system which allows you to rotate blocks to directions it was hard before.
    Shift-click was limited to backwards only, alt-clicking rotated the machine randomly.
    Now you can simply rotate the machine by clicking the side you want it to rotate.
    Example : If you want the output face, which is facing you, to be to the left, right click close to the left side and it will rotate to there, simple and no risk of exploding anything due the machine energy outputs, which you would have if you used random rotation.

    I understand that the mechanic before was kinda sucky in some situations. But the problem is that the new mechanic isn't very obvious, exspecially for some of the machines that aren't really rotating at all (just the output rotates around).

    And still I don't understand why the current mechanic isn't simply moved to shift-clicking the machine. That way you can still interact with the tool in hand. It is good that the new mechanic works the same for all machines, but there is no reason to not use the shift-modifier for clicking, exspecially since it would be a simple config-option. I just want to eliminate the possibility of accidently right-clicking a machine with the wrench in hand to access it, but instead turning or dismantling it. It is the same thing I hate about TE, but in the case of TE the Shift-Clicking is blocked by something so his wrench needs to use normal left-click and shift-click. Which means you can't access machines with the tool in hand. But in Gregs Case the Shift-Click is entirely unused.

    What would be even cooler is the complete removal of the dismantling and make all kind of wrenches tools that are effective on breaking machines. Problem is propably that you can enforce this behavior on vanilla-IC2 machines, but this way you can't accidently dismantle a machine. Because it takes a few hits (even with another mouse-button) to break it.

    And on the topic of durability... the set of wrenches I have at home are older than any other tool I have and still work like a charm. Wrenchs aren't that problematic in regards to wearing out than a lot of other tools. I would assume that the grinding-head inside a macerator would wear out way faster than even a overused wrench would. The only thing that would wear out a wrench is if you use it russian-style (iE smacking things until they work... no offense :P). And honestly crafting one bronze-wrench after another wouldn't bring anyone in trouble, it is just tedious, since machine-rotation shouldn't be an issue in the first place (since you don't need a wrench to place them, why should you need one to rotate them, they are obviously not fixed on the ground).

    The largest problem right now I have with this system is the lack of visual-indication. Since the machines aren't rotating (just the side they output to changes) it is hard to see any changes. Also the GUI could use an option to see what upgrades it has. The buttons on the machines could use some tool-tips. For the wrench even the discription is wrong. It doesn't rotate the machine to the left if you click it on the left side, it sets the the machine to face left, which is a small but important difference, because at first I always wondered why clicking it twice on the left side dismantled it.

    All I want is an option to move the complete wrench-interaction from Left-Clicking with the wrench to Shift+Left-Clicking with the wrench, since the Shift-modifier is unused right now anyway. I would take it as a default off-config option because I actually am able to modify my configs (well except for the flint and steel... but mdiyo scared me away from early nether-visits anyway so I build a blastfurnace before going there to have a chainsaw^^).


    The Covers WONT rotate with the Block. That is a Feature, lol. And the Covers can only be removed by a Crowbar (sometimes with some Machines it is possible with Wrench by rotating the Machine in a way which lets the Cover pop off).

    Hmm... I haven't tried this. I just expected them to rotate with the machine. But I already noticed that I picked up one of my machines, installed it in a new location and wasn't able to access it because all the now accessable sides hat plates on them.

    But since the covers won't rotate... why the heck should I even rotate my machine? Rotating some machines like the Electrolyzer makes no sense because all sides are the same. My Universal Macerator has a front, which never changes. I can only move the output-dot around. But the strange thing is, that this output seems to be the back of the machine, which is really strange, because the "front" doesn't move. So if you want to move the Output-Dot to the face you are looking at you need to click in the corner, because this turns the front of the machine to the opposite side. If you want the Dot to your right, you need to click the left side of the machine. Maybe it is also something that only doesn't work right in 3.07c.

    And well... I still don't understand why getting rid of Shift-Clicking. It was never a problem, because it isn't that hard to press Shift and Click and it actually served a pretty simple purpose. If you fiddle around with your machines with wrenches and plates and stuff you would always need to have a slot dedicated for actually interacting, because otherwise you would rotate stuff or put plates down. This would make sense if the Shift-Option is blocked by something different, like BC-wrenchs which turn or dismantle, something I don't like, because I have to change the tool to interact, but on the other hand I have the easy dismantle-option without having to hit a certain spot on the machine.

    This new system is complicated without any need. Getting rid of the Shift-Click dismantling and replacing it with another mechanic seems completly unnecessary. If the machines would update fast enough a simple double-click should still dismantle them, but this doesn't always work (although I'm not exactly sure why). But again even if it would always work (which could simply be caused by server-lag) there isn't a reason not to put this mechanic on Shift-Click and allow interaction while not holding Shift.

    I doubt that you need another ID for it.

    You propably could simply use the empty-battery with meta-data. But even with 2 more ItemIDs you won't run out of them that fast.

    The project-table was the only early-game source (and actually the unstackability of certain IC2-Items are the only reason next to gate-assembling, why the project-table even exists) to manage this problem. XyCraft would work, but as long as there isn't a version that doesn't create tremendous amounts of lag I will not use it (well there isn't even a released version for 1.5.2).

    AE works. But it is quite expensive just for being able to handle energy-crystals. You normally have it in place when you handle Lap-Crystals. The only reason this is in place for batteries is because of generators... and I never really understood why you need a battery for a generator (it would make sense if you would need batteries for all normal machines too, because they also have an internal storage, and neither the generator nor normal machines have as much storage as a battery does (funny enough the generator has a internal storage of 4k EU, while all other generators have no internal storage at all).

    So the fixing the stacking-issue with batteries was a strange design-choice necessary because of another strange design-choice (requiring batteries for machines that can't store energy). And since there is no reason to save IDs (if IC2 would like to save IDs they could pack all the ingots and dusts into one Item-ID), there is also no reason to not extend the battery-behavior to Energy-Crystals and Lap-Crystals. And if you could manage to pack all these "undamaged" items into 1 ID you might also look into making nuclear-components behave similar (as long as the reactor only accepts 1 per slot, it could work).

    IC2 already is a mod that is incredible oldschool in regards to providing comfort to the player and this seems like a pretty small change compared to the benefits it provides to players.

    So empty batteries are stackable... why the heck aren't empty lapotrons and energy-crystals stackable?

    Their unstackability makes crafting a pain and whatever works for the battery should work for them too. Even just a stack of 4 would make crafting with them so much easier. I just crafted 8 MFEs... which means 32 Energy-Crystals so many the maximum Inventory-Space is 36 (considering the quickslots are inventory-space).

    So I would really like these two items to behave like batteries when newly crafted, since most of the time they are directly used for crafting anyway.

    With the new Wrenching-API implemented in 3.07c some machines behave... weird^^.

    Right now I use exactly this version and since the Industrial Electrolyzer doesn't really has a facing it is quite tricky to dismantle it. I think the Industrial Electrolyzer always faces downwards because I had to click it at the near the bottom of one of the sides to dismantle it. And normally since a click in the middle should make it face your way a double-click in the middle should always dismantle a machine... but obviously some facings aren't possible (the Electrolyzer seems always to face down) so this doesn't work.

    It makes sense that you can't maintain a Centrifuge or an Electrolyzer facing sidewards, but all the machines which don't really have a facing should dismantle by just clicking on them.

    There is no real need to rotate an Electrolyzer, a Centrifuge or some of the Multiblocks so it would make sense, that this machines could be dismantled by just clicking them with a wrench.

    Also would it be possible to implement a safety-option for Covers and Wrenchs in the config? Before I actually noticed what your covers were about I accidently steel-plated by plate-bending machine, because I wanted to get the other steel-plates out of the machine. This could be even more frustrating if you accidently wrench a plated machine and it gets destroyed by high voltage (because the cable was normally blocked by a cover). Thats why I actually liked the Shift-clicking part of the wrench, because it made it possible to interact and rotate machines while wielding a wrench, I already hate this about the omniwrench that it rotates chest instead of accessing it. And since your new Wrench-System doesn't seem to require two button-modes (like normal click for rotation and shift-click for dismantling) it would make sense to implement a config-option for Shift-Usage.

    Isn't it 1 tiny dust? so it would require 16 nickolite ore to equal one diamond dust, which is somewhat limited in it's uses. Afaik you cannot automate the mining of blocks of nickolite (or any other drop block) I'd say that it is pretty darn balanced. especially as they occur around the same layers. I have way too many diamonds as it is on my playthrough.

    Oh using Nikolite is a rather cheap way to get Diamonds. You need 1 Nicolite for 1 Tiny Dust. So every 4 Nikolite you get a Pile of Diamond-Dust. And Mining it is not really slow. A Silk-Touch Pick is a lot faster than the Rockcutter and not that hard to get. Also it would make a lot more sense to get Redstone as a secondary product. I would suggest making the grinding-recipe produce 10 Nikolite, 1 Redstone and 1 Tiny Pile of Glowstone-Dust.


    I think it explains all.

    That is true now, but not necessarily later. She always mentioned a few planned uses for Gems. But without knowing how much you need of them it is hard to know if you would not need more of them. Basically it is the same problem with Factorization. Factorization spawns tons of silver, making silver overwhelmingly abundant to use for Gregs/RP2/Thermal Expansion and it is the same for Gems. Even if RP2 implements more uses for them which would require quite a lot of them, pumping them into Gregs make create more profit.

    A solution would be either seperating them or alternating recipies for the case that redpower is around. The problem is even now although they do not have much uses their storage-blocks are create for decoration, exspecially with covers. Relying on the sparse amounts of GregTech-Gems would make decorating with them quite expensive. Personally it is easy for me, I will just not mix them and use RP-Gems only for tools and decoration and Gregs Gems for the other stuff, since Creating Energy-Crystals with RP-Gems seems a bit cheaty.

    Yep, it's getting MUCH easier with RP2 gem on now, is there any way to turn off the RP2 GEM world gen off? no config for that :(

    No, you still need to use vanilla emerald for datachips.. macerate, electrolyze and compress will still give you green sapphire/sapphire gem..

    The Problem with RP2-Gems is that I do not want to disable them. I would rather like to see them being seperate objects. So that I can't use Gregs Gems for RP2-Gemtools or RP2-Gems for the Fusion-Reactor and such. There spawn-rate is just too different to make them interchangeable. And the problem is I have no clue if I might need that much Gems later.

    Even if its not a legit change, there would be complaint, in then which RichardG would step in.

    Edit:Besides, you would need Elo's permission to have compatibility, as chickenbones did with NEI and Wireless redstone.

    Not correct. Chickenbones access Elos code directly. Greg does not. He just switches a recipe, if you enable it in the config. I doubt that this is a big deal, even more since it is disabled by default.

    And even than Elo would propably ask for a change before anything else, since he does not use her code in anyway. In that case it could be considered rude not to remove the alternative recipies, but maybe she even agrees with an alternative recipe for blockbreakers since there are not only a few people considering blockbreakers too strong and since it is disabled by default it would provide additional challange for people who want it, which means that they will have more fun with redpower, which is a good thing. Since building machines which are large enough that a blockbreaker-nerf would even be noticeable is something that involves a lot of time anyway I doubt that it even matters (which propably is the reason why elo hasn't used a more expensive temporary recipe).

    RP2 Is out. I wonder how fast till we can nerf frames. Since they are beyond OPed I expect at least we go to space and gather materials for it ;) No seriously though I'm going to chime in and say I feel that its one the most over powered machines :)

    Well frames aren't that strong. If you should touch the motor not the frame. And well I feel adding a recipe to the grinder giving 1/4 diamond-dust is OP considering how common nicolite is. The only thing that is OP in the Mod is the Blockbreaker and Eloraam is aware of it (it will use tungsten-carbide in the future if I remember correctly). I would not mind having an alternative recipe for Blockbreakers involving at least steel or even tungsten (although the latter is a bit tough, maybe titanium).

    I would be interested to know how frames are OP if you do not use Blockbreakers. You could use them to build incredible expensive elevators... but I don't think that this would make for a good reason to nerf them.

    Oh, a small note to RP2-Gems. You said before that you will include a config-option to turn them off. My question is would it be possible to make them not interchangeable? Since I like Gemblock-Covers and such, but I understand that they screw with your sapphires and rubies, which are supposed to be more rare.

    Thanks for adding the Bug-Message for your machines, we tried figuring out why the machines do not work yesterday in morvys stream, but we figured it out. Still I think a display for the internal storage would be nice. It seems like every machine has an internal storage of 10.000 EU, but it is not visible for the player.