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    I doubt that you need another ID for it.

    You propably could simply use the empty-battery with meta-data. But even with 2 more ItemIDs you won't run out of them that fast.

    The project-table was the only early-game source (and actually the unstackability of certain IC2-Items are the only reason next to gate-assembling, why the project-table even exists) to manage this problem. XyCraft would work, but as long as there isn't a version that doesn't create tremendous amounts of lag I will not use it (well there isn't even a released version for 1.5.2).

    AE works. But it is quite expensive just for being able to handle energy-crystals. You normally have it in place when you handle Lap-Crystals. The only reason this is in place for batteries is because of generators... and I never really understood why you need a battery for a generator (it would make sense if you would need batteries for all normal machines too, because they also have an internal storage, and neither the generator nor normal machines have as much storage as a battery does (funny enough the generator has a internal storage of 4k EU, while all other generators have no internal storage at all).

    So the fixing the stacking-issue with batteries was a strange design-choice necessary because of another strange design-choice (requiring batteries for machines that can't store energy). And since there is no reason to save IDs (if IC2 would like to save IDs they could pack all the ingots and dusts into one Item-ID), there is also no reason to not extend the battery-behavior to Energy-Crystals and Lap-Crystals. And if you could manage to pack all these "undamaged" items into 1 ID you might also look into making nuclear-components behave similar (as long as the reactor only accepts 1 per slot, it could work).

    IC2 already is a mod that is incredible oldschool in regards to providing comfort to the player and this seems like a pretty small change compared to the benefits it provides to players.

    So empty batteries are stackable... why the heck aren't empty lapotrons and energy-crystals stackable?

    Their unstackability makes crafting a pain and whatever works for the battery should work for them too. Even just a stack of 4 would make crafting with them so much easier. I just crafted 8 MFEs... which means 32 Energy-Crystals so many the maximum Inventory-Space is 36 (considering the quickslots are inventory-space).

    So I would really like these two items to behave like batteries when newly crafted, since most of the time they are directly used for crafting anyway.

    Isn't it 1 tiny dust? so it would require 16 nickolite ore to equal one diamond dust, which is somewhat limited in it's uses. Afaik you cannot automate the mining of blocks of nickolite (or any other drop block) I'd say that it is pretty darn balanced. especially as they occur around the same layers. I have way too many diamonds as it is on my playthrough.

    Oh using Nikolite is a rather cheap way to get Diamonds. You need 1 Nicolite for 1 Tiny Dust. So every 4 Nikolite you get a Pile of Diamond-Dust. And Mining it is not really slow. A Silk-Touch Pick is a lot faster than the Rockcutter and not that hard to get. Also it would make a lot more sense to get Redstone as a secondary product. I would suggest making the grinding-recipe produce 10 Nikolite, 1 Redstone and 1 Tiny Pile of Glowstone-Dust.


    I think it explains all.

    That is true now, but not necessarily later. She always mentioned a few planned uses for Gems. But without knowing how much you need of them it is hard to know if you would not need more of them. Basically it is the same problem with Factorization. Factorization spawns tons of silver, making silver overwhelmingly abundant to use for Gregs/RP2/Thermal Expansion and it is the same for Gems. Even if RP2 implements more uses for them which would require quite a lot of them, pumping them into Gregs make create more profit.

    A solution would be either seperating them or alternating recipies for the case that redpower is around. The problem is even now although they do not have much uses their storage-blocks are create for decoration, exspecially with covers. Relying on the sparse amounts of GregTech-Gems would make decorating with them quite expensive. Personally it is easy for me, I will just not mix them and use RP-Gems only for tools and decoration and Gregs Gems for the other stuff, since Creating Energy-Crystals with RP-Gems seems a bit cheaty.

    Yep, it's getting MUCH easier with RP2 gem on now, is there any way to turn off the RP2 GEM world gen off? no config for that :(

    No, you still need to use vanilla emerald for datachips.. macerate, electrolyze and compress will still give you green sapphire/sapphire gem..

    The Problem with RP2-Gems is that I do not want to disable them. I would rather like to see them being seperate objects. So that I can't use Gregs Gems for RP2-Gemtools or RP2-Gems for the Fusion-Reactor and such. There spawn-rate is just too different to make them interchangeable. And the problem is I have no clue if I might need that much Gems later.

    Even if its not a legit change, there would be complaint, in then which RichardG would step in.

    Edit:Besides, you would need Elo's permission to have compatibility, as chickenbones did with NEI and Wireless redstone.

    Not correct. Chickenbones access Elos code directly. Greg does not. He just switches a recipe, if you enable it in the config. I doubt that this is a big deal, even more since it is disabled by default.

    And even than Elo would propably ask for a change before anything else, since he does not use her code in anyway. In that case it could be considered rude not to remove the alternative recipies, but maybe she even agrees with an alternative recipe for blockbreakers since there are not only a few people considering blockbreakers too strong and since it is disabled by default it would provide additional challange for people who want it, which means that they will have more fun with redpower, which is a good thing. Since building machines which are large enough that a blockbreaker-nerf would even be noticeable is something that involves a lot of time anyway I doubt that it even matters (which propably is the reason why elo hasn't used a more expensive temporary recipe).

    RP2 Is out. I wonder how fast till we can nerf frames. Since they are beyond OPed I expect at least we go to space and gather materials for it ;) No seriously though I'm going to chime in and say I feel that its one the most over powered machines :)

    Well frames aren't that strong. If you should touch the motor not the frame. And well I feel adding a recipe to the grinder giving 1/4 diamond-dust is OP considering how common nicolite is. The only thing that is OP in the Mod is the Blockbreaker and Eloraam is aware of it (it will use tungsten-carbide in the future if I remember correctly). I would not mind having an alternative recipe for Blockbreakers involving at least steel or even tungsten (although the latter is a bit tough, maybe titanium).

    I would be interested to know how frames are OP if you do not use Blockbreakers. You could use them to build incredible expensive elevators... but I don't think that this would make for a good reason to nerf them.

    Oh, a small note to RP2-Gems. You said before that you will include a config-option to turn them off. My question is would it be possible to make them not interchangeable? Since I like Gemblock-Covers and such, but I understand that they screw with your sapphires and rubies, which are supposed to be more rare.

    Thanks for adding the Bug-Message for your machines, we tried figuring out why the machines do not work yesterday in morvys stream, but we figured it out. Still I think a display for the internal storage would be nice. It seems like every machine has an internal storage of 10.000 EU, but it is not visible for the player.

    Hmm... where is a richardg if you need one :P

    I actually still suggest a method to optain the MatterFabricator by using a nuclear reactor since it solves two problems I... and well maybe others have. Getting iridium is difficult without some mods and I would prefer a basic method that is always avaible and it would also make the nuclear-reactor a lot more usefull (well I haven't tried out the new thorium-cells, but compared to the easyness of running Generators or Geothermals the nuclear reactor somehow lacks.


    I like the idea of Iridium-bee :D maybe 1% chance of mutation from industrial and imperial bee lol, and to make it harder, the pure bred queen bee doesn't produce any princess/drone..

    Actually the bees were not meant for the production of a MatterFabricator :P But since Greg has everything he also needs a bee :P

    For the MatterFabricator I suggested the use of radioactive material produced in a nuclear-reactor under some tricky conditions (which would make them at least somewhat usefull).

    Platinum is one source for it. Though you'll need some other mod to add it to world (e.g metallurgy)

    I know that, but well... it is not really reasonable to install a mod just to get easier iridium. I actually don't want it easier, just different. Finding iridium involves some luck, which I dislike, I rather prefer hard work. I would actually like it to make the Nuclear-Reactor more useful, so a possibility would be to use depleted stuff or certain breeded cells to build a massfab.

    Oh... and I just noticed something that might be fun: GregsBees :P

    The Tekkit-Crap is in the spoiler... since nobody wants to read it anyway.

    Now back to some real business. Although I like the more expensive MassFab I just noticed in 1.4.2 that I need to mine Iridium, I have 2 pieces of Ore so far and I mined a lot with quarries. Would you mind putting an expensive alternate recipe in, or another possibility to get iridium. I would not mind centrifuging a stack of gold-dust or diamond-dust (the later would not make sense^^) to get a piece of iridium-ore, but I would like another source, which I can actually work for. Since the other option is tearing the world apart :P

    And something I noticed. IC2 removed the ability of Mobs to wear certain IC2-Items. I actually like the challange that Nano-Suit-Mobs offer and would like to get this feature back. It's just a diamond-armor, but it looks a lot cooler.

    The last question... why does Bauxit spawn in Plains and Forests? Although Bauxit does exist there (it is not limited in any way by the climate) the most important deposits on earth are in tropical regions (Cameroon should have the largest deposit of Bauxit with 600-700mio t).

    Mininglaser will be crafted of Titanium, so you need a Level 02 Blast Furnace to get it.

    A "just Stone, Netherrack and Endstone"-Miningtool is a good Idea.

    To be honest I just got so used to not wearing body-armor because of the batpack, that I now carry a batpack with me although I have no tool to use it :P

    Actually fighting zombies with a jackhammer and a hedge-trimmer sounds like lots of fun :P

    I actually always disliked the strength of the chainsaw... it did 10 damage (5 hearts) which is a lot compared to a diamond-sword with 7 damage. Giving the Hedge-Trimmer 5 damage like a stone-sword would make it a somewhat-useful weapon to carry around and I would have two tools to use my batpack with *g*

    And well Blast-Furnace for Mining-Laser sounds good.

    The main problem with making the diamond drill not work with tier 1 backpacks is, iirc, the lithium backpack works exactly like the normal batpack, so it would not work with the diamond drill. maybe instead raise the needed backpack for the mining laser, so it will only work with the lapotron pack.

    Which is not really necessary. Just implement a Stone-Mining-Tool. I guess Greg can't change the name of the Mining-Drill, so how about a jackhammer, that is effective on stone, dirt etc., but destroyes all ores without mining them. Would be a good tool for digging, but not mining and the mining-drill would still make sense at a higher-tier. Also the hedge-trimmer could be a low-tier-version of the chainsaw. It is not effectiv on wood, but can sheer and harvest leafs and does some damage on mobs.

    Chainsaw (better than a Diamond-saw) and Mining-Drill (faster than an Iron-Pick) were just too strong for early-game. But moving them back in the techtree without a replacement fells odd too, since it makes the Batpack completly useless (well... you can use the Batpack to transfer energy between batboxes... but thats a rather odd use).

    The Mining-Laser is just too cheap. I would like a revamp of the laser so that you build the basic laser and add upgrades to it to enable the different fire-modi, but not sure if you can change IC2 that much :P. So upping the cost should be enough. You should at least require a Centrifuge for the Mining-Laser, so making the Hellium-Recipe standard and implementing a Lap-Crystal for it might even be enough. It should not cost something like iridium, but adding some tedium to built something as powerful as the mining-laser should be fine.

    Hmm... alternate source for Steel... I like it (I hope it does not include Blaze-Rods :P)

    Yeah the Mining-Laser needs some rebalancing, it isn't that strong, but it feels as something that should be a bit more lategame.

    But since we now speak about making things more difficult and rewamping the techtree. There seems to be no great addition to the early-game. So I would rather rework the drills into more Pickaxe-Like Categories.

    Mining-Drill (Electric-Stone-Pick) -> Hardened Drill (Electric-Iron-Pick) -> Diamond-Drill (Eletric-Diamond-Pick) -> Advanced Diamond-Drill

    Since having a rechargeable early-game pick does make sense, but the Mining-Drill is just too strong, since it is able to mine anything but obsidian. Having a Drill that is efficient for stone-removel etc. but not for Ore-Mining would be a good addition to the early-game. Since at this point having a Batpack in the game does not make much sense. You normally use the Batpack with the Chainsaw and the Mining-Drill, but both are moved back in the Techtree. The only early-game electric devices are the Electric-Treetap which does not use much energy to make use of the batpack and the electric wrench which would not be used that often. So the Batpack lacks a good tool to power.

    So just got another small problem and it is again the mining-drill.

    I figured out recently that the mining-drill is very far back in the tech-tree. I Actually mine in Full Nano (well + Lappack) with a Mining-Laser because I have no drill. I just haven't found a Netherfortress. So I decided to go the alternate route towards a Blast-Furnace. I put 16 Stacks of Redstone-Dust inside the Centrifuge which gets me 16 Endereye-Dust, which then creates 8 Blazepowder.

    Unfortunatly you need 9 Blazepowder for 34 Blastfurnace-Bricks, so I would have to waste another 16 Stacks of Redstone. Would you mind changing the production of centrifuging 16 Endereye-Dust to 9 Blazepowder and 7 Enderpearl-Dust if you don't want to remove the Steel requierement of the Drill or introduce another method of getting Blaze-Powder/Rods?

    It just feels incredible strange to being able to build almost anything but not the mining-drill, since only the electric tools really require Steel as a ressource.