Suggestion: Siphon

  • Okay, I'm making (or attempt to make) the monorail idea suggested earlier. As a first run, I'm making a maglev rail + train and I was thinking "Hey, how would I code the MagLev rails to work with wires? Underneath, of course, powering directly into the rails." Now, I figured a problem to this: Each wire split at the moment halves the total power in that line. So, even if you toss 10k power, you'd have enough power to split 9/10 and still maintain around 100 EU. that's 30 blocks with the whole plan deal thingy-mabobber. So, to solve this, I was thinking of a wire block similar to a relay: A siphon. Capable of pulling out about 10-20 EU from the main power lines, even HV, and feed it to objects on the other end. This could help with factories as well, giving machines full power from a line minus what previous siphons have eaten. :)

    It's just a thought:



    R = Redstone
    E = Relay

    I figure a Relay's already expensive enough for such a simple device. :) And redstone is SO COMMON!

  • I like this idea, but it will make HV Transformers useless.
    I would rather use this then transformers. I will send a pulse 2000 EU/F if i would manage to get it to transformer it will give me 50 EU/F and if i would want to make it longer i would have to split the current make 2 transformers etc...
    This would be much more space efficient then transformers too.

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    There are already "tiers" of "buffers" in the works, plus the new electric net COMPLETELY makes this problem of splitting obsolete!

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