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    There is a huge difference between code and my stuff in my house: code cannot be stolen, just copied, therefore your analogy fails.

    Imagine this: someone comes to your home, likes your decoration and decorates his home in the same way as yours. What are you going to do now? Sue him? Put locks on the door and never let anyone in again? Force people to wear blindfolds inside your home? Or just accept that no one harmed you in any way by using the same interior decoration?

    As I said, most people don't get it. However as a fellow mod author, I do. People treat anything on the computer very lightly, such as stealing. Most people don't care about getting a copy of a cd from a friend, a movie from the internet, or even pirated software. This is illegal activity, no ifs, ands, or buts. This is the same thing. Many mod authors don't like others profiting off of their mods, their hard work for code. Which by the way, can be stolen, by definition, because it is copyrighted material, and protected by user agreements. Therefore your analogy is completely irrelevant. What you are referring to, is an idea. The idea can be copied, such as your analogy, but cannot be stolen. However code is physical, not psychological, and can be stolen. In conclusion, these mod authors work very hard to make a mod that they want to play, and graciously share with the community.

    That attempt to block people from including the mod in unwanted modpacks just shows me how immature the author is.

    How would you like people coming over to your house, and using your stuff without your permission? Of course you don't like that, so you put a lock on your door to keep unauthorized people out. It's the same concept, yet many people just don't get it.

    Well if all your doing is transferring HV, I believe that fibre would obviously be the optimal choice, as it only looses 1 EU per 40 blocks, whereas 3x HV Cable looses 1 EU per 1.25 blocks, or 4 EUs per 5 blocks. The flip side is that HV cable can also take EV, 4 times the packet size. The best way to figure out what to do is to use the calculator bbqroast put together here. Also remember that if you have access to silver from other mods, that the glass fibre recipe is a good deal cheaper as you get 6 instead of 4 cables. Hope that helps.

    Redstoned MV transformers also work and are cheaper :)

    Try a longer measurement period, 4 ticks is very small, and you probably just measured in-between most of the packets. The eu-reader can be touchy, and remember that windmills do vary in there output.

    I would also give the controller block a bedrock texture, one extra layer of safety ;) Also there needs to be a way to autocraft the circuits, as I know many autofactory makers (and myself) will be quite annoyed xD Liking all the ideas here though, perhaps I could get back to modding a bit, though school just started, so not too much ;)

    I use Minecraft Portable to keep completely separate versions of Minecraft without switching out .minecraft folders. For instance I have my private server pack, my SSP setup, and I downloaded one for 1.3.1 just for the fun of seeing whats in it. I have 3 shortcuts to the separate versions, and I can launch whichever one I'm wanting to play without switching anything. I love it, and for those of you who are also interested....…%C2%B7-now-supports-macs/

    I was under the impression this was intentional, and last I checked, solars work in deserts even when it's raining.

    They're supposed to work in deserts when its raining, but I think/thought it was bugged. Like I said, I haven't tested it lately, but if someone does test it, make sure to test it right when a storm happens, and not later in the storm, I think the values change for that function the longer the storm has gone. That said, it could be working properly, but I agree with RichardG, it gets dark enough it doesn't make much sense...

    It was forever ago that I looked into it, but if I remember right, solars were/are bugged so that they still don't work in rain. There was some thread that actually proved it, maybe I could find that again....

    Nope, I think it got deleted, but I think it still is bugged. The isDaytime() function is based on skylight values, which are directly affected by rain/thunder. According to that old thread, the light values were low enough during rain/thunder to shut solars off. Anyone actually looked at a desert based solar during a rainstorm? I wouldn't be surprised if the sun indicator is blank...

    Well to put it in perspective, I think about how many businesses use PC, and how many use Mac. I can't think of hardly any around here (smaller town) that aren't running PC's. I think more people use PC's, unless they are in specialty areas. I know that there's some really good audio/video editing software for Mac, but I think there's some equally good software for PC.

    I'm a PC guy, I like not overspending for the same hardware. I mean after all a MAC is simply PC hardware, with a nice shiny case and a little apple logo. Gaming is really driven at the PC market because most people use PC's. I hate how the schools have all MAC computer labs, thankfully I have my laptop. I need to move into Linux more, I dual boot it, but I need to play with it more, I know its really awesome. Oh yeah one last thing, I like being able to open my devices up to see what makes them tick/upgrade them, I really don't like being locked out.