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    Just wanted to point this out:


    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: mods/QuantumPack/LangHelper

    I'm assuming this is your Quantum Pack mod not being installed, but you may want to delve into this a little...

    so i seemed to have found a bug with this mod and compact solars when i place any electric engine between a compact solar array and a machine that needs power (a logger from forestry in this case) the game crashes. but when i log into the world again the engine is placed and everything works fine.

    I have this same issue. If you place the power source after the engine, though, there's no crash. Odd, isn't it?

    Hi guys are their any tutorials for this mod? Because I looked on youtube and all I got was the movie transformer stuff :( Could someone make a vid on how to make the engines work etc etc. TY Luke127

    Good spotlight right here:

    Okay, I searched the forums, it's not there. I've installed IC2, BC3, and RP4c and now when I'm using the insulation cutter, when it's going to break on the final use minecraft crashes to desktop. No error report yet, but I will as soon as my non-recycled insulation cutter breaks down far enough. :) Just thought I'd let you know, though.

    Sort of like Zeppelin for vanilla minecraft. Most of the vanilla minecraft items (supposedly) work when the zeppelin controller is active. :) Yes, that would be totally AWESOME! :D

    Yeah this is definitely one of the harder things, knowing where you are going. Of course the easiest fix would be a built in radar that scans in front of the drillheads. Was also thinking of some sort of CCTV support making it kind of like avatar where he kicks the sh*t out of the camera mount ;)

    Like The Core! Totally should do that! And program it to see AIR, too! :D

    okay, 3 things to check:
    1): Minecraft Forge 1.1.2. do you have it?
    2): ModloaderMP (I don't see it in this bug report, so I don't know if you have it or not.)
    3): ID Verification, but I don't think it would reply with that particular error log. (Could be wrong.)

    If these don't help, well, I can't help you then. :P

    Edit: sorry, got forge client 1.1.2 and server 1.0.6 mixed up, my bad xP

    If I'm seeing this right, you're using copper wiring which has an EU loss of 1 EU every 5 blocks. That means any solar panels further than 5 blocks won't reach the batbox. (= <-- Good cable guide. :)

    Boooo!! Watch it now :O

    Anyhoo a ZPM or 'Zero Point Module' is a relatively small glowing device that draws energy from vacuum space. Now I have no idea what that means either :P but in the realm of Stargate it is THE ultimate source of power. In Minecraft it would be an unlimited power source. :thumbup:

    Close. Actually, from subspace from an artificially-created universe contained within the device. It's pretty neat, and blazingly powerful. But it's #2 in the ultimate source of power, the Matter Bridge is #1, when not taking into account the exotic particles that destroy the laws of physics as we know them. (Mini-black-holes, universe-ending paradoxes, universe-ending ripping shreds apart. Also, very uncontrolled.) I just came up with a new idea. o.o

    Haha, I thought about suggesting a ZPM-sort of device to power large structures made by admins ... either something that can only be spawned by the /give command or with a truly ridiculous build cost ... unfortunately I'm quite sure he'll immediately reject it due to the amount of abuse it can cause.

    8 Lapotron Crystals, fully charged, and an advanced machine in the middle. :) That ridiculous enough? ^^

    So ive notice recently that Jetpacks have only 2 functions Hover and Power (normal flight)

    now ive been thinking in order to preserve power we could add a third function that turned the jetpack off thus allowing to power/fuel to be conserved while going up stairs and other areas

    any suggestions?

    Take off the jetpack and then start jumping? o.o

    I like the idea of a customizable forcefield. It'd be really neat to be able to create one MASSIVE facility and protect it with just one generator. (Or a series)

    However, I'd recommend a fail safe that wouldn't cut cables/lines/BC pipes that go in/out of the facility. :) Just in case.

    main part of electrical treetap - more resin, not rechargebility, cos wooden planks basically free.

    Yes, but Rechargeable comes with the territory of having a re-battery in the mix. And the part of it being electric. And Circuits aren't free. :) (Plus planks are hard to come by in the middle of a DESERT!)