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    Yes, its the packet size that matters. Not overall quantity. Just have to make sure to have sufficient amounts of transformers on the other end to be able to output that much power. (input == output).

    I think what Thunderdark is going for is some method to irradiate materials in order for them to undergo atomic transmutation through radioactive decay. The way uranium degrades into lead over time.

    The thing is, this process does not require electricity, but high-intensity radiation. The kind only highly radioactive materials can provide. As far as that's concerned, all we have to work with currently is the reactor vessel and uranium. I think this is a clever idea, and if Thunderdark could properly enunciate it, his idea may be feasible in IC2.

    Meh, if you put a lot of energy (microwave radiation) on a suitable surface (thungsten, etc.) you can easily get radiation of the required intensity.

    I think that all the effort involved in ferrying around material plus the capital investment into multiple breeders, control circuits, mass fabricators and processing should easily balance the energy gain. Think of it like a giant hamster wheel for steve.

    Keep the UUM-Uranium flowing!

    Yes, im pretty sure it was hard to code, but his idea for a pocket dimension would modify base classes and thats just what the devs dont want,
    also, it would add a ton of block IDs, and I would prefer that the devs keep working on getting rid of bugs and adding more T4 tech then coding an alternate dimension.

    +1, absolutely agreed. I'd rather have a bugfree highly tiered IC² running than go off in an adventure mod direction. It has always been the philosophy that adventure mods need much more babysitting from devs than their eventual replayability is worth. I think that once villages etc. are running nicely (I haven't played 1.8 yet...) maybe theres some potential to include industrial things there.

    Maybe an easier way to do it would be to add one more block (I know to many blocks lol). You know how when it snows the ground get covered by snow. Why not build that into the explosion. The explosion would create these blocks that would land on the ground and do something. Be it damage players/mobs or render the area around it unbuildable until it is removed by what ever means is decided.

    The idea we were going with so far was to make it relatively un-see-able (yes, that is a word!). Give it a random chance to do damage and another random chance to decay away. Make it check once every minute or so, that way if you travel quickly you can get through an area without much damage, also CPU usage should be fairly easy to damage.

    meh, its mostly due to dust and poisoning. Actually getting radiation effects from yellow cake is pretty darn impossible, your average twinky has more activity. I think damage scale wise it should be pretty massive (of the order of chunks) put relatively random and small amounts. Make it scale with uranium contained (just like normal explosions)?

    Radioactivity has mostly been rejected due to feasibility issues. Maybe if someone were to write an add-on... I like the ideas being thrown around though. I agree with the more longterm, small damage thing. Makes a more radiated area feel more lethal as well. I dont think just because someone said "lol lets radiate shit" and that got turned down doesnt mean that threads discussing more feasible ways of adressing this should be disregarded. (also anyone suggesting that handling uranium should be dangerous clearly has no idea about nuclear decay and the term "activity").

    You CAN, technically, create a fully automated snow collecting aggregate using BuildCraft. It requires a snow biome with frequent snowing and a lot of work to set up the fillers and obsidian pipes to automatically harvest snow. Not only that, but a filler that cannot find any block to destroy (if it is set in clear mode) will automatically shutdown and be unable to clear more tiles.

    In short, this is just useless as of now.

    hmmm... I guess we're waiting on terraformers to make a reappearance.

    I think for T4 we should have power transfer take the form of a beam of raw energy from point A to B with matter-energy converters. This way we don't have to muck about with so much HV wiring. Instead we'd have to worry about coherent beams of deadly high-energy electromagnetism. I like your concept of Iridium crystals. Gives it that scifi-tech feel much like di-lithium crystals do in Star Trek.

    Also how much is 10kk? is that 10,000? or 10,000,000?

    the latter.