Support Request: IC2 1.62 + Forestry

  • I am working on upgrading my vanilla server to MC 1.1.0. After sorting out the issue with Forestry using the pre release 1.61 api, another issue has arisen. I have posted the crash log below. I am using:
    ModloaderMP 1.1 v2.1
    Forge 1.3.1
    Buildcraft 2.2.12
    IC2 1.62
    Forestry (with api fixed)

    I have also posted this in the forestry thread on the minecraft forum. Thank you for your help.

  • java.lang.NullPointerException
    at forestry.config.PluginIC2.initIndustrialDiamond(

    In the new version of IC2, industrial diamonds are depreciated. Waiting for some add-ons to update, so I'm not sure if Industrial Diamonds still exist in 1.62. I'm thinking no, or not at least in the way forestry thinks they do.