Bug: [Redstone on IC2 blocks]

  • On my SMP server, I am unable to place redstone or torches onto construction foam, reinforced stone, or rubber tree wood. The server is minecraft 1.1, with IC2 as the only mod.

    I can place redstone and torches on vanilla blocks, but apparently not on any IC2 block in SMP. This bug does not appear in SSP for me.

    Multicraft's control panel doesn't report any errors, and when I run the server on my local machine (windows7) the cmd window shows no errors when I try to place redstone or torches.

  • It's crash, and there are several known minor bugs that just require the right individuals to again have a little bit of spare time from their busy RL lives to provide your fix. Be glad you're this close and hit your F5 key waiting for a new Minecraft Forge release and new IC2 release to fix your woes. Just go to bed, or go to work, and check again when that's done.