Suggestion: miner changes

  • Not sure if it's the good place to post this, but as far as I see miners are somewhat problematic, as you need a good energy source or store to use them efficiently with Diamond Drill and OV scanner, as they only accept batteries which lasts for a few seconds only.What I suggest is making them accept energy crystals (and medium voltage maybe)

  • I use 2 miners connected to MFE charged with 3-4 energy crystals. It has enough energy to mine everything and fill hole. You cannot lose MFE when picking it up with wrench so it's good enough.
    Place miners-> rest few mins -> charge crystals -> repeat

  • Heh, well anyway. As things are currently, I'm doomed to still use MC1.0.0 and IC2 1.43 as some mods on the server I host are still not usable on 1.1, and the guys rather play the working version and wait for all the things to be finished ^^