Suggestion: GUI for the battery storage upgrade

  • While I like the upgrade system, the battery upgrade poses a problem, namely there's basically no way of telling how much energy the machine has stored.
    Would be nice if there was an actual number on the machine that displayed stored energy when the storage upgrade is in place.

  • Agreed, the EU storage additions help when I have to edit my EU gen procedure and want the machines to keep running.

    I suppose, code-wise, this wouldn't be too hard to code:
    1) Have the machine's code look for the Battery upgrade
    2) If there, then creates a string on the GUI showing the charge. But not entirely sure how that would settle when it comes to metadata.

    Can't items hold a lot of extra data?

  • my idea would be to have the eu reader detect if it has any stored. Makes sense for that. :thumbsup:

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  • I would like to see a new gui for machines showing these things:
    Energy stored/Max energy storage
    EU/t needed for continous usage
    EU cost per operation
    Time needed for an operation
    Max packet size input

    All of these would change with upgrade devices.