[Bugs SSP SMP 164]: Crafting\Smelting minor problems

  • 1) Cactus plantball recipe is missing.
    2) Blaze rods cannot be used as fuel for IC2 furnace\generator
    3) Blaze rods macerator recipe is missing
    4) Flintless TNT will result in dynamite-o-mote

    Not a bug: blaze powder also can be used as fuel for ic2 just like cactus and reeds.

  • 1. Intended, cactus' are too easy to obtain en masse.
    2. Not implemented. > Not a bug
    3. Not implemented. > Same
    4. If you deriviated that by that code fragment your published without permission, you... uhm... it's a recipe for the dynamite-o-mote, which constsits tnt, glowstone dust and other stuff, whats wrong iwth it?

  • Ah, so wiki is more correct then me telling you it's the Dynamite-O-Mote recipe?
    Yes, until 1.4 the recipe was BUGGED and created ITNT instead of the Dynamite-O-Mote. Fixed it, as mentioned in the changelog at some point.