Support Request: [Contents disappearing from buckets]

  • Hello all,

    Got IC2 1.64 up and running on my server and everything seemed to be fine until I started working on assembling a nuclear reactor. When I fill a bucket with water (to make the water and then cooling cell) the bucket fills up fine and stays full. I can empty it onto a surface with no issue. However, whenever I interact with something that has a gui overlay (a chest, crafting bench, machine, etc) or move the bucket in my inventory, the water disappears from my buckets. They are all suddenly completely empty. This does not occur in SSP, only in SMP logged into the server I am hosting on my PC.

    I should note that buckets that were filled prior to my update to 1.64 work fine, until they are emptied, at which time they exhibit the same behavior.

    Any ideas?

  • As far as I have seen everything else works without issue. I have noticed (contrary to my prior post) that when the buckets are emptied, the water source block appears for a fraction of a second and then evaporates. My existing reactors are not in the proximity so it's not a heat issue. Lava seems to react the same way. I was not aware of a forge fix. I saw a post about reversing the order that the server jar is modified (forge first, then modloadermp). Do you think that will correct the issue? I am not having any block breaking issues, though I have noticed that crops that I planted in 1.62 have no sprite in game. They are still there and harvestable, just invisible.

  • Did you even try using 1.3.0 before ranting like that?

    Nope, i did'nt. Just gathering information so i can try it after my work tonight.
    If someone would have noticed that something else is broken i could decide which bug is worse to me.
    I just thought a community is there to exchange informations... but nvm just delete my 2 posts and i will try it on my own.
    Thank you very much.