Suggestion: Conductivity

  • basic idea is to have current flow through water that is touching an exposed wire. connected water would then behave like lava, damaging creeps and players, no fire ignition though. this would cause a constant drain on stored power and fry any power consuming devices (non genorators). The result would be the need for more thoughtful building and some easy electrocution traps.

    an more fantastical addition could be some kind of power stablizer that could turn the erratic current flowing through the water back into usable current turning water into semi-effective no-cost wiring.

  • there is some sort of trap or cable that can transport current.
    Its called HI-voltage and yes its pretty effectiv if yuo need something to protect that you can turn on and of.
    but it needs 2000 eu current (maybe less if you plit it) to give one mob 4,5 damage that means you need 3 hits per mob,
    or 2 hits wit HI-voltage and one with your hands. :P

    Change the scheme, alter the mood. Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind.

    [b][i][u][url=' [url='']HAYO CORP: Nuclear Power (FREE: Reactor Blueprints)

  • Just try and build a giant ocean like cable thingy. Then wire energy into it.
    Each time a cable disappears, it just prevented your PC from crashing... if the PC doesn't crash though, either ways.

    Count the numbers of poof'd cables and then think about why i will NOT implement water carrying electricity :P

  • Pure water is very bad conductor and that should lag if you plug an ocean, and each water block have to have new variable like powered=0-64


    ...its not like i have an idea on how Alblaka mind works...

    It has tiny stupid what below?... A RATING SYSTEM! here goes my face :Advanced Furnace: cmon it is even transparent you can't be serious.