[Suggestion] Leech Beam

  • Would be interesting for PVP, and would make the transportation of energy even easier

    A beam that can leech power from a target, such as a player, or a machine.
    The power would feed into empty batteries, crystal, or lapotron crystals, in the order of lowest to highest.

    A player hit with the beam would lose energy from his armor, and any batteries or crystals he has in his inventory.

    A different setting would be to have a beam ADD energy to targets, at half the efficiency. You could also overload a crystal, machine, or player, by giving them too much power, causing them to explode. Energy storage devices in a player inventory would do damage based on their max storage.

    Max Storage = M
    Hearts of Damage = D

    D= M/10,000

    A battery would do 1 heart of damage, and a crystal would do 10. A lapotron crystal would do 20 damage to the player, and then 10 damage in an area around him, minus 1 damage per block away from the player.

    So, if a player holding a lapotron crystal that overloads stands near someone who is 4 blocks away, he would take 20 damage, and then his friend would take 6 damage.

    Cost of item:

    One mining laser, with three iridium plates on top of it, two lapotron crystals on the side, and an advanced circuit on the bottom.

  • I do not like both beams.

    But in case energy beam implemented, blow damage must be taken by energy armor first (fully charged).

    But once again these beams are too magic.