[Translation v1.64] A portuguese translation of ic2 blocks and items...

  • The first thing I do for ic2 besides playing, a translation. I know that they might be even no portugueses besides me arround here but I still wanna see if its usefull for someone.

    Installation Instructions:
    Drop the IC2.lang file in the config file of the minecraft u wanna change the language.
    Play normally.

    If you wanna remove the translation just delete the IC2.lang file and minecraft will make a new one for you, in english.

    Sorry if I am not allowed to do this just delete the topic.

    Download Link:

  • This looks like a great idea! I've been playing IC for a long time, always in English, as I do for most games, but this has to be good for those who can't speak English too well.

    By the way, are there any plans to translate the wiki to other languages? If there are, I can help, especially now that we have some Portuguese names for the items. I always wanted to translate the wiki to Portuguese...

  • Just how many Portuguese speakers play IC2?!
    This is an interesting idea, first time I've seen something like this.
    It would be nice to have it in other languages, so IC2 can be international.

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