[Schematic] IC2 Colony Ships - May 6th 2012 - Space Station Modules on the way (no pics just yet)

  • Hey guys,

    Welcome to the Colony Ships thread! (Now with added sticky!)

    A selection of MCEdit schematics, BC blueprints and World Saves awaits you! Please read the thread through if you have any problems (it's only a few pages). Constructive feedback/requests/kudos posts welcome!

    Where it all started:

    The 1-man shuttle and 4-man Colony Ship, designed for a small crew to quickly colonise a new planet. Onboard supplies to get you started...then it all went a bit mental =]

    EDIT: New 8-Man Farm ship!

    The farm ship come much less well-equipped than the colony ship or shuttle interms of tools and machinery, but it does pack LOTS of storage, food and power generation on its frankly massive frame (over 35k blocks)!

    Most chests are empty, but you'll find a few goodies tucked away if you search long enough!

    EDIT: 2 More Ships!

    Single Occupant Survival/Drop Pod (IC2 v1.64)

    Spartan quarters for the most determined space marine? Mind the flames on your way in!

    6-Man Ore Processing/Heavy Industry Ship (IC2 1.64, RP2pre4)

    Version 1 of this ship is a fixer-upper - our dedicated team of server engineers haven't yet got all the bugs out of the factory room, but hey that allows for some fun RP in itself - get yer wrenches and screwdrivers out folks, there's ores to be processed!


    Downloads have now been organised into collections:

    Templates.zip - Creative Map with all ships, modules plus a few odds and ends for your browsing and tinkering pleasure

    Modular Ship system.zip (Requires IC2 v1.64, RP2pre4 and Forcefield addon for IC2)

    Our engineering team is very proud of this! Does what it says on the tin, modular ship sections to build your own ship easily! Includes a variety of cockpit, corridor/link and modules (screenies below!)

    2 x cockpits
    4 x corridor sections
    9 x Ship Modules
    - Drop ship hangar
    - Drop Pod Hangar
    - Prison Ship (great for admins!)
    - Captain's Cabin
    - Holodeck
    - Mass Fabrication Facility
    - Hazardous Materials Storage
    - Empty Module
    - Jetpack Trooper Bay
    1 x Engineering Section

    Modular Colony System.zip

    Small collection of bio domes which can be interlinked to form an instant sealed colony. Biodome airlock doors are compatible with Modular ship system too for extra combinations!

    1 x 3-Floor Hab/Command Dome
    1 x Rubber Tree Bio-dome
    1 x Empty Dome


    Just want the spaceships? Here ya go! File also contains development versions of each craft

    Assorted shuttles and corvette-sized craft
    6-Man Heavy Industry Frigate (v2 now with *mostly* functioning ore processing!)
    8-Man Farming Frigate (Pigs in Spaaaaaaaace!)
    4-Man Light-Industry Hauler
    Landing Pad


    Crashes and wrecked hulls

    *** NEW! Buildcraft Blueprints for MC v1.23 and BC v3.x (SSP Only) ***


    Currently contains just the 4-man colony ship and a STUPIDLY large hangar for it to rattle around in.
    WARNING - hangar blueprint covers 12 chunks and is made mostly of iron blocks - this is for SERIOUS endgamers only. Equivalent Exchange recommended for generating all the iron!

    ***** DOWNLOADS *****

    IMPORTANT - Requires RP2pre4 and Forcefield Addon for IC2 v1.64 for full functionality
    Schematics require MCEdit which can be found here: http://davidvierra.com/mcedit/download.html

    Latest world save (for MC v1.81): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12714486/Shipyard.zip
    Shipyard Map in ANVIL format (MC v1.23) (warning, ships are in a bit of a state and may cause excessive lag): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/127144…%20%28Anvil%29%20v1.0.zip
    Creative Map with most of the larger ships and modules: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12714486/Templates.zip
    RP map for SSP or SMP: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12714486/Last%20Best%20Hope.zip
    Modular Ship System: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12714486/Modular%20Ship%20System.zip
    Modular Colony System: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/127144…lar%20Colony%20System.zip
    Just the Ships: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12714486/Ships.zip
    Wrecked Ships: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12714486/Wrecks.zip
    Blueprints for Buildcraft (SSP ONLY): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12714486/Blueprints.zip

    CONFIG FILES to aid in any blockID issues: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12714486/config.zip
    Redpower2 config: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12714486/redpower.cfg

    ***** THANKS TO *****

    The dedication and hardwork of Russdee and Shnoo, my fellow aerospace engineers!

  • These are pretty cool! I personally would suggest maybe replacing the glowstone with Redpower Lumars, but whatever. These are certainly a good way to start a new world -- I've always found the process of finding enough iron to get up a generator/macerator/whatever to be needlessly tedious.

    A bit off-topic, but wouldn't these be better off in the screenshot section? (although I suppose very few people go there anyway.)

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    Figured to place them on the front board because it's not just screenshots - but board mods feel free to wield your godly powers if this is misplaced.

    Decided on using glowstone so that only IC2 was required - but I do have a version with a built in forcefield generator too =] (Wiring for luminators withought RP2 would make the ship huge)
    Slowly expanding the fleet for fun in my spare time, a biome farm sheep or a heavy industry lander might be next.

    I'll add more schematics to this thread if there's any interest.

  • I'll add more schematics to this thread if there's any interest.

    Go for it, I did something similar once (tho it wasn't exactly a smooth landing - bits and pieces of the escape pod everywhere :D ) and it certainly helps in speeding up the early-game drudgery.

  • Good to hear this stuff's getting used =]

    Our minecraft aerospace engineers have been overcome with enthusiasm for this idea too!

    Coming soon:

    Robotic Mining Pod

    Modular Hab/Farm Dome

    Modular ship design system - build your own ship to suit your needs!

    - Cockpit and crew quarters
    - Drop pod bay
    - Central Spine corridor

    All modules are sealed against hard vacuum and unwanted alien atmosphere as standard!

    Most of our designs are now making use of RP2pre4, so please bear this in mind before downloading (or rotating objects in MCEdit!)

    Also toying with putting together a low orbit space station to allow for jetpack deployment etc.

    Any adventure map makers out there wanna make use of this yet?!

  • A sugestion, you could use Buildcraft`s Blueprint to make it available to build some of this schematics in-game without using MCEdit.

    Another way to build the other kinds of buildings that are not ships, make a feeling of advanced space technologies during the game.

    This look a more legit way of building what come after the ships.

    Just a suggestion. :)

  • Good idea - will likely go down that route once all the models are built.

    It had been suggested by one of my players - we don't have buildcraft back on the server yet since 1.1, but will do so in future.

    Will look into doing BC schematics during the week.

  • Schematics are designed to be used by a program called MCEdit

    Download for MCEdit here: http://davidvierra.com/mcedit/download.html

    MCEdit will create a schematic folder in your documents folder by default, but it can open them from anywhere.

    Very simple program to use, just open it, open one of your save games (specifically the .dat file in the savegame's folder), then use the import tool to put down the schematic of your choice.

    Controls are WASD and Q/Z for up/down. Hold left click on the green "nudge" bars that appear when pasting to position an obeject until it's right. Hit enter to finalise placement.

    Undo any mistakes with Alt+Z.

    Alt+S to save the map and relight it, then quit the program, load up minecraft and you're away.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks for the support woonka - and all you other silent downloaders (not that dropbox keeps count ?( )

    More modules on the way:

    - Ore Processing
    - Med Bay (or possibly stasis pods, haven't decided yet)
    - Mushroom farm (likely as a colony dome)
    - mob transport (creeper seeding pod - idea similar to how predators use geiger's alien in the films)
    - various shuttle hangars
    - exo-skeleton hangar (if I can avoid it looking complete pants!)
    - ground vehicle hangar (either hover tanks or square treads most likely)

    Also some more bespoke ship designs

    - 2-Man Light industry corvette (no automation)

    AND more bio domes

    - Hab Dome
    - Radio/Comms Dome
    - Aquatic Dome
    - Nether Dome

    Now taking requests for anything else too!

    Looking to do weekly releases until this idea has run it's course, or we just run out of cool ideas! :thumbup:

  • Have you tried the zeppelin mod? It's still very much a beta, but with a little work I think it could add a whole new level of awesome to this. (I can confirm that it works with ic2, rp2, but not bc, also be care in the materials that you use, I found illuminators will cause the game to crash, and I suspect that there are others as well.)

  • I've tinkered with the zeppelin mod back in 1.81 - from what I remember, the blocks had to be the same type or the bounding cuboid quite small - maybe good enough for the runabouts shuttles though.

    Still working on a few more modules for next update, but will look into zeppelin mod for 1.1

    Failing that, certainly more hangars to enable things like the helicopter mod etc. to be used alongside these static monsters =]

  • Was wondering if you were planning on making any of the ships that have crshed or had reactor breaches. It would go along way to explain why Steve has all the engeneering skills and the locals are... umm... how to put it politely.. worthless

  • Well, the drop pod has a "rough landing" variety to enable you to RP a situation along those lines.

    There's some difficulty on creating crashed ships with a good interior because of the obvious lack of angled floors, but I can certainly park one nose first in a mountain with some debris piled in through the cockpit glass and bits of the exterior sheared off.

    I'll see what we can come up with on the weekend - screenies to follow.

    Thanks for the request idea - if there's anything else you'd like us to have a crack at, keep em coming!

    EDIT: Maybe something like this?

  • Yep. That looks like a Hard landing. Steve must have been in stasis to survive that one. I wonder how much gear survived?

    But yea thats what I was thinking about

  • Added wrecks.zip to downloads plus a couple more pics.

    Pack includes a MASSIVE crater caused by a mass fab overload in the industry ship (actually happened legit, we didn't have to use dynamite, so we figured might as well template it =] )

    Enjoy dragging Steve out from under the wreckage =]