[Schematic] IC2 Colony Ships - May 6th 2012 - Space Station Modules on the way (no pics just yet)

  • Blueprinting the older ships might prove to be an issue.

    They were created in the pre-anvil world format using the last stable version of MCEdit. Just had a go at blueprinting the industrial ship only to realise that I'd have to repair all the block ID conflicts first which occured during the last minecraft update T_T

    For now, consider the contents of ships.zip to be legacy schematics which need a little TLC before they can be templated.

    ...always an excuse to build another beast of a hauler from scratch I suppose...maybe an oil tanker..?

    Roll on easter break!

  • Almost finished the hangar, just stuck 3 steams on it and NEI'd the materials. Couple more stacks of iron then the glass to go. Seriously impressive! Think I'm going to have to grab the zeppelin mod and come up with things to fill it with.

    The little 4-man ship is pretty cool too. Builder didn't place the slabs, but I think it's because I confused it by swapping materials around.

  • For some reason i can only currently build the hangar, 4 man ship and landing pad, even though i added the new blueprints to the buildcraft library?

  • No, i don't have that installed, i'll check it out in the morning, for now i'll make do with my 4 man ship sitting on a landing pad in the middle of a snowed in pine forest.

    [edit] would the ship flood if i built it underwater to use as a bond villain lair?

  • Not sure builder could cope with an underwater build - it wouldn't be able to remove the water fast enough - no harm in trying though.

    You might have to build a glass ceiling over the template marker while it builds, then remove it to let the water back.

    If you want a good underwater base though, install redpower 2 and use MCEdit to copy in one of the colony dome schematics - they make great underwater bases =]

    You might need to make a slightly extended airlock though to stop water washing offthe door buttons.

  • Likely a block ID problem - have a look at the config files on the first page.

    The team will be adding new ships and bits for anvil worlds soon, in the meantime you may have to do some hack jobs in MCEdit or similar to get them to work properly.

    The biggest issue really is the bespoke ships like the industrial ship and farm ship because of the wiring. You might find however that the prototype versions inside ships.zip has a schematic that might work better.

    I'll see if I can get a new version of the shipyard map working tonight - watch this space!


    EDIT: Have uploaded a quick n dirty ANVIL formatted shipyard map to OP.
    Some of the older ships cause a fair bit of lag when you get near them, think it's sound bug from IC2 doing it.
    The ships that have been ported in from MC v1.81 have dodgy block ID issues and will need some love before they can be blueprinted for BC 3.x fans. Feel free to get your spanners out and start fixing stuff!

  • Old post, I know, sorry, but a mfab exploded?