[1.64][BUG] Electric Wrench, fast used

  • Hello,
    I used an electric wrench on a macerator and just after that I also dismantled an electric furnance and an extractor. After that I picked up an extractor and TWO macerators. (and ZERO electric furnances)
    So it seems that the electric furnance transformed to the second macerator.

    I also installed:
    buildcraft 2.2.12
    computercraft 1.21
    redpower 2.0pr4d

    I haven't had time to build a new electric furnance and to try to transform it again, but maybe I'll post again in the next few days.

  • Start carrying a lappack - as long as the lappack has power ( 60.000 EU), it will re-charge our tools when used)
    are you using "safe-mode" this uses a lot of energy ?