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    To day I finally decided to upgrade my MC Server to MC 1.2.3

    however, after changeing ID on my solar-arrays, deleting old AM configs, converting the old map - the solar arrays appear to be.. uhm invissible, though there is no doubt, that the accentually are present, I cannot walk past them, and they do produce EU.

    however #1 the are ivisible, and #2 when trying to enter GUI game chrashes with the following:
    at wz.a(
    at wz.a(
    at acl.a(
    at lo.a(
    at lo.a(
    at lo.b(
    at EntityRendererProxy.b(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(
    at Source)

    what am I doing wrong ?
    please advice.


    nevermind forgot to make the changes on the client (config edits) as well - dooh, drink Duff

    Hrm, I can't help but feel minecraft get's unplayably boring. I know I've spoiled myself with a pile of complex making mods like IC2, RP, BC and the like, but it's just so fun!
    Doesn't stop me from saying "Config all the things, Alblabla!". But my whining about how I can't simply shut off lights when I want to/move them without loosing them forever is either plain annoying and/or outdated. So I'll just say thankyou for the mod. :Tin Can:

    Alblaka has promised they will be redone

    Fun reading :D

    take it easy boy boy.... kaffen er klar...
    Will be a loong time before this mod dies !

    :Electric Jetpack: MG0

    Stop flameing ! all of you

    Given, the mod is no longer the same - and some very nice thing have come out of it. Zipp is either takeing a break, and will be back later and please those of you that do not like the changes - of he will never come back, in either case, if you are not going to use this mod, leave the tread.

    once more - implore you, please change the name of the mod

    and on a more personal request - please tell me that when IC2 is ready for MC 1.2.3, this mod has EVERYTHING bug-fixed for SMP :P


    sorry but I do not agree with you.

    No one is forcing you to update your mods. You cold just make the necessary updates when there is a new MineCraft version.
    Personally I have not upgrade my serves to IC 1.71 yet. I'm planning to skip this version and wait for IC2 for MC 1.2.3

    I can easily understand your frustration, but again no one is forcing you to update. You should just be happy that the developer is still updating, and developing the game


    As I said in my first post in this thread, I appreciate the time, effort, and skill it takes to code something like this. I'm all for this version of advanced machines, and I'm sure there are people who find it more important than I do to keep things close to core IC2 methodology. Me, I use the electric fishing pole, I use EE to build broken CASUC reactors, and I prefer the old advanced machines. With all due respect, I don't really care what the IC2 devs want their mod to be, but I praise them for building an API and allowing this to even be an option. Again, it's all about freedom of choice.

    Freedom of choice !

    That is what this is all about - so some of you do not like the changes - so maybe the add-on's name should be changed.....
    If the add-on's name is changes, would you VERY negative gues leave the developer (AtomicStryker) alone ?

    and then, that is where the choice comes in.... this is an add-on, if you do not like it.... don't use it.

    personally - I dont think I'm gonna use OC, I might upgrade the machines so they'll run on MV, but that is it - time consumption is not really an issue for me.... As most, or at least some of us, I also use BC. so I could just use pipes to put things in, and take them out again for thus saving time to to it.... and are I could even use adv. pipes, and construct a "chunk-updater block" (or what ever the name") so this would happen even if I'm not "home"

    anyway - thank you AtomicStryker for taking time ... and it seems chance ... to take and idea (old add-on) to the next step....
    a piece of advice thou, after reading the tread, change the name, please the mob.


    2 main issues of 1.2:

    -Golems can be turned into an infinite high-yield iron farm. Full inven in ~20 minutes, if set up properly.
    -New ID range makes us consider moving all out blocks to a new ID-set, effectly ruining old saves unless converted. Jeb said something about an official Map converter, probably need to check that one out.

    Taken from a discussion on I've been participating in


    As I said in that thread, the golem's iron drop does not need to be
    removed, nor does it's vunerabillity to drowning. All that needs to be
    done is reduce it's drop rate so that the rate at which one collects
    iron from them is roughly similar to the rate one would get iron from
    mining ore. That would fix the problem entirely. Or as somebody in the
    other thread suggested, make it drop a new item 'iron filings' at the
    rate it currently drops iron bars, and make a new recepie for 9x iron
    filings = 1 iron bar. This would have a similar affect as nerfing the

    This would indeed change everything, and not giveing IC2 the trouble of changing to much.

    Just makeing Iron Golems not drown is still just not enough. I can still construct an Iron Golem trap, and kill them with ex. pistons

    I sincerly hope this does not delay IC2 for MC 1.2. too much, because there are so many other bug-fixes that I would love to have on my servers... plus new mobs, and the new biome, new hight..... etc. etc. etc.


    Notch leaving Minecraft has been the best thing to happen to Minecraft it appears.

    Seems it must be the next best thing ..... thou I think Jeb is doing an awesome job, I think without Notch, there would be no MineCraft...
    Granted I somewhat agree, since Notch choose to concentrate on new projects, Minecraft have been improved a hole lot.


    Think I'm gonna be testing this soon. I've been missing the advanced machines for some time now.

    Though it seens there might still be a few issues to be dealt with, however I like the changes so far. Though I would like, that the idle state only consumes 1EU/t

    but overall thumps up ! :Industrial Diamond:


    I just f'cked up some of my low level 32 volt machines using a MFE, in the guide it says nothing about using transformers.
    This should be changed ASAP, as its a pain in the ass not knowing why your macerater, canning machine and extracter blowing up.

    If you read the wiki, it will tell you which machines accept LV, MV and HV.
    You can use transformers to change the voltage, ex. MV to LV, or reverse. however there is another way for you to use MV or HV in your machines - but is up to you to find it on the wiki :P

    on the wiki, there actually is a small "first steps tutorial" http://wiki.industrial-craft.n…itle=Tutorial:First_Steps

    and don't worry, you are not the first to blow up something by accident with the wrong voltage.

    Start carrying a lappack - as long as the lappack has power ( 60.000 EU), it will re-charge our tools when used)
    are you using "safe-mode" this uses a lot of energy ?