[128x] and [64x] NP IC" texture pack Updated for [IC² 1.109]

  • I know I have not posted In a while Currently working on a mega update to all my packs.

    Include a hell of lot tweaks for IC2 texture pack
    New UI's for all my packs
    Better scaling for the lower 64 res packs

  • hehe I lied I know I said I would release the packs tomorrow or Monday on my site but, I wanted to give you a nice surprise. I have been working none stop 16 hours a day the last two weeks getting all the packs ready for this. I have also updated all images for packs with new textures (may have missed some).

    All download links have been updated. You can get the packs in the download section of the site. View OP for details or click my sig.
    3 New Packs

    Ok so we have 3 new packs

    Portal gun mod texture pack

    I hated doing this pack tbh Sci fi is really out of my comfort zone. I have never played portal and have created the textures to go along side my other texture packs. Use the advanced texture pack install method to help prevent problems. How to install advanced method Link.

    Doggy Talents texture pack

    I have not done the dog textures only the items and feeding bowl. (I will not be doing the dog textures)

    Advanced machines (all 3 versions)

    Ok this one puzzled me 3 mods with the same name. So anyways I created all 3 of the packs. Be sure to check what version you downloading. Also one of the packs requires advanced method for installing. How to install advanced method Link.

    Full Change logs


    Huge amount of tweaks
    All blocks that had items on eg lights/tools/windmill ect have had slight changes so that the items on them blocks don't look like they have just been pasted on and look more like they embedded into the block.
    New texture for rubber resin, Rubber tree bark rubber hole now looks better merges with the bark better
    All new texture added for IC2 latest release
    New UI's
    Changes to the wood texture on bat box and other blocks that used the texture. Now blends better I also added little more detail to them.

    Additional Buildcraft objects

    Better Scaling for lower resolutions
    Additional Pipes
    New UI's
    Better Scaling for lower resolutions

    New UI's
    Better Scaling for lower resolutions

    BCIC2 Crossover

    New UI's
    Better Scaling for lower resolutions

    Charging Bench
    New UI's
    Better Scaling for lower resolutions

    Compact Solar

    Better Scaling for lower resolutions


    New textures added
    Better Scaling for lower resolutions

    Iron Chest Mod
    New UI's
    Better Scaling for lower resolutions

    Laser Mod

    New UI's
    Better Scaling for lower resolutions

    Logistics Pipes

    New textures added
    New UI's
    Better Scaling for lower resolutions

    Power Converters

    Better Scaling for lower resolutions


    New textures added
    New UI's
    Better Scaling for lower resolutions

    Sneaky Pipes
    New UI's
    Better Scaling for lower resolutions

    IC2 Thermomiter
    Better Scaling for lower resolutions

    Wireless Redstone
    New textures added
    Better Scaling for lower resolutions
    (Still not change the UI on this one as I like the default one)

    Red Power 2

    New UI's
    New textures the last update got about 40 new textures.
    Better scaling for the 64x textures
    Tweaks to a few existing blocks



    New UI's
    Better scaling for the 64x64 pack
    Fixed error with rubber tree sapling (Forgot to hide original one when saving as png so you could see it behind the new texture)
    Fixed error with the 64x64 blocks file being 32x32 now the correct scale
    Changed the blocks that had tools on them they now look like they are embedded into the block instead of just being placed on them
    Added all new textures for latest release of forestry
    Due to changes with forestry textures and way they are used had to change a few textures.
    List of changed textures
    Honey comb
    Honey droplets
    and few more I cannot remember the name off (note few the new textures not 100% happy with will work on them at later date)


    New Gui's
    Rescaled the 64x64 for better quality
    Edited the chest texture slightly (fixed a small visual bug)


    Fixed bug with refinery
    New Gui's
    Better scaling for 64x64 pack

    NP Smooth

    Fixed bug with watch texture

    Added new Gui's

    Added new items for pre-release12w18a

    Enjoy :)

  • Np Smooth updated Wireless Redstone Chickenbones edition and thaumcraft2 texture pack released

    NP Smooth texture pack
    Ok first of Np smooth texture pack has been updated for Minecraft Snapshot 12w19a.

    Wireless Redstone Chickenbones edition
    This pack has been released :)

    • Note triangulator has been re-textured but this texture is hard-coded into the mod so it will not show.

    The big one Thaumcraft2 texture pack has been released
    of this texture pack is not finished I have yet to do the item file the
    reason for this is due to a bug in the mod if I try to do the items
    file it causes a couple of textures to become distorted. Also some of
    the default textures have not been re-textured . The reason for this is
    that they look great and they are already HD. This mod has the best
    default textures I have ever seen in a mod. I do intend to do the items
    file at a later date but I need a little rest have been working daily 16
    hours a day for the past 3 weeks on this pack. Hopefully the bug
    causing textures to become distorted will be fixed then also as the mod
    creator is aware of the problem.

    Updated Railcraft
    Updated Additional Buildcraft Pipes
    All mod texture packs currently up to date

  • Crafting Table III texture pack released

    Updated mod texture packs

    Just updated forestry and railcraft texture packs. I don’t know when
    the mods got updated so if a little slow with the updates I apologies.


    Added the new swamp hive textures and the new gui texture

    Note 2 textures in the items file have not been done and 3 in the
    blocks file have not been done I have no idea what they are suspect that
    they are not used yet. I shall update when they are used but if they
    are used and i missed them please let me know thank you.


    All new textures have been added including the gui’s

    I think all texture packs are up to date if I have missed one please let me know thank you and enjoy.

  • Computer Craft texture pack released

    Today I bring you a new mod texture pack this time for the fantastic mod
    computer craft. I have based the textures on my red power 2 texture
    pack so they can go along side each other. Some changes have been made
    to make sure you can tell the difference between red power 2 and
    computer craft blocks. Everything has been re-textured including the
    graphical user interfaces

  • Today I release another texture pack think this could be my 4th one in
    less than 2 weeks not bad if I do say so myself. Anyways today's texture
    pack is for the great Industrial Craft 2 addon Nuclear Control. I have
    re-used 2 textures from my Industrial Craft 2 thermometer texture pack
    but this should not matter as Nuclear Control does the same job and I
    cant see any reason you would run both texture packs at the same time.
    Want to know something I think is a little funny even tho I have been
    using Industrial Craft 2 mod myself Saturday was the first day I have
    ever built a nuclear reactor I tend to stick to solar power using
    compact solar mod and geo thermal generators.

  • This forum needs an 'AWESOME JOB!' button.

    (For those who don't get it: AWESOME JOB DUDE!)

    Thank you :) Not many people say it and feel nice when people actually do say it.

    On a dif note 2moz will be major update on Thaumcraft texture pack. The update will include all new textures + I have finally finished the items file.

    Actually a sad moment tbh with the release of thaumcraft texture pack brings my mod texture pack support upto 28 mods for one person this is an awful lot of work 1000s of hours have gone into the packs. Because of this The chances of me releasing any new texture packs are slim as it is already a handful maintaining what I have. I will be maintaining and UPDATING what I have so don't worry about that.

  • I have updated IC2 texture pack this update only contains a small fix for the crops texture (it was bugging me). I really want to spend some time on the crops at a later date when I have more spare time.

  • Transformers texture pack released

    Yep a new
    mod texture pack is released today this time for the great mod
    Transformers I personally really like this this mod especially useful
    for when you spawn and cant find oil in yer world for buildcraft or if
    you run out of oil resources.

  • A little update on np smooth overhaul

    Change log

    Main terrain file

    New Grass Texture

    Changed color of cobble slightly

    New Diamond ore

    New Iron Ore

    New Coal ore

    New lapis ore

    New redstone ore

    New gold Ore

    New Sound block and disk player blocks

    Added shading to Torch

    Added shading to Leaver

    Added Shading to redstone torch on and off

    New Sugar Cane texture

    New Gravel Texture

    New iron Block

    Added emerald block

    Added emerald Ore

    added coco plants

    New yellow Flower

    Changed red flower slightly

    Fixed small bug with hatch texture

    Dispenser changed slightly

    New Brewing Stand

    Tweaked brew stand base

    Tweaked Ender portal blocks

    Tweaked Repeaters

    New glowstone texture

    New redstone lamp textures

    Fixed tiling issue with large mushrooms

    Sprites File

    New sprites for potion effect

    items file

    New coco dye

    New Lapis dye

    New Red dye

    New Yellow dye

    New Sugar cane sprite

    added new items for 1.3

    fixed texture bug with music disks

    Misc changes

    Added Ender chest

    Fixed slight bug with Connected textures

    Changed paintings now all pictures from in game using my texture pack gives it more authentic feel

    Mob Changes

    Added tiny bit more detail to Chicken

    Changed villager heads now basically a hd version of the vanilla ones

    recolored the Mooshroom Cow

    A couple of tweaks to the pig and sheep

    Lost the will to live with mobs i hate them so much wont be doing more work on them

    Mod texture pack changes

    IC2 ores changes to fit new style

    Forestry ores changes to fit new style

    RP2 ores changes to fit new style


    IC2 Crops file it needs some love will do that 2moz:)

    Post is big enough plenty of screenshots on my website :)

  • Updates delayed/discontinued until further notice

    Going to keep this short If people have followed my official
    minecraft forum thread you will know that my mother recently passed
    away. I know a few of my texture packs are in need of updating but sadly
    I have no desire to work on my packs at the moment. I am also no longer
    playing minecraft the game has become stale for me. As for my work as
    people know I have spent 1000s of hours working on my texture packs and
    for it to go to waste would be a shame so now I am giving permission to
    anyone with the desire to continue my work feel free on 2 condition’s

    1. They give me credit for my work


    2. Link back to my website at http://minecrafthdtexture.com

    I hope you understand my reasons for no longer working on the packs. I
    may continue working on them at a later but this is unlikely.

  • Surprise I'm back for the past month I have been getting the texturing itch and started playing minecraft again. As people know a lot of my packs have become out of date. As people know I have a lot of packs but I am currently in the process of updating them this will take time so be sure to check back often for updates.

    Things to expect from the updates
    Darker UI's I had a lot of complaints that the old ones are to bright so working to rectify this
    All new blocks and file structure updates (I know a few mods had the structure changed)

    Please bare in mind I will not be releasing new packs at this time but I do plan when my current ones are updated to do a couple of new ones.

    Anyways keeping this short as I have a lot of work to do updating the packs

    Don't forget to check back often for updates and releases