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    That's a shame. I imagine it would be too much to ask to get a refactored class file made and emailed to me?

    Also, is this the right page to leave a suggestion to the developers to make teleporters configurable in the future?

    Again, thanks for the quick response.

    It's almost impossible to rebuild the class file, no-one has the source, exept the ic² dev. team, Posting a suggestion is a good idea.
    No, the suggestion subforum is for suggesting (Erm, DUH? :3)

    Btw, you seem to be lucky, Tekkit is hated on these forums.

    Hey, all. I hate to say this, but my current research jobs leave me with about half the free time I need for my hobbies. Since I haven't invented time travel yet, I have to lay a few projects on the chopping block, Rocket Science included.

    If any serious modders out there want to take over RS, I'd be more than willing to pass on the source code. Misspelled requests from users without Java/Minecraft modding experience will be ignored or mocked.

    Awww D:, I hope someone will take over.
    Have fun doing your job.
    For the guy who takes over: Bc pipes do not like the empty-cell slot for the isotopic seperator.


    You 'could' move your job into high-speed close solar orbit, effictifly slowing time down on your job site (And thus, giving more time here on earth), Now, to avoid getting fried/cooked in solar radiation, you'll need one heavy magnet, a samarium-cobal one, of reasonable size, and some good plating on the space-station, could work.

    Spinning the whole thing will take care of the zero-gravity.

    A big enough plasma/ion rocket COULD probebly get you back to earth fast enough.

    Now, where you get the aprox. 500-5000 billion USD to get that thing to work... I have no idea.

    (Note, do not in ANY case ask me how I know that stuff.)

    I quite like these, :thumbup:
    I'd also like to see burnable coal dust (I suggest +- 4500-5000 EU, as coal delivers 4k, and macerating costs 800, yet dusts are explosive, thus yielding more energy compared to solid coal), and maybe rubber dust, Which can be burned for a few EU (+- 600-800?)(and to screw the environment)
    Howver, the above has been suggested so much, I don't think the devs will add it xD

    In pictures:
    :Rubber: + :Macerator: = :Coal Dust: (Rubber dust, not coal dust)

    :Coal Dust: + :Generator: = :Mobile Charger: (EU, not mobile charger, also, Both rubber and coal dust)

    Itself a good Idea, I wouldn't really need it, but i would use it if available on vanilla-IC².

    There are other Mods which can make a Securitysystem:

    Try to combinate Laser-Mod (for a Sensorlaser), Computercraft (Controlcomputer) and Redpower (for the Wiring of the components) and you will get anything you need for a Securitysystem. With Thaumcraft (only SSP) you can even make Cameras (You an look through Thaumcrafts Portals, if you have a good Videocard), to see what is going up in your Base.

    Hehe, agreed, :D
    I'm looking forward to it, CC monitors telling someone:
    "Dude, get out of my base"
    "You're still here"?
    *Lasers shoot the guy*

    That would make either A big fat glitchy entity, or alot of glitchy/laggy code to check how high the cabin is,as you can remove/add scaffolding when it's not an entity

    As said before, Try making one with redpower frames, it's not that hard, (You actually inspired me to do it xD)
    Going up is glitchy though, but it would work pretty nicely if done correctly

    Agree, but it should take massive amounts of scrap to work.

    For now:
    Place a generator next to a massfab
    put scrap in massfab, and alot more in generator.

    :Advanced Furnace: :Compressor:

    And you've got a massfab running on scrap.

    (Most people don't know you can burn scrap in the generator , for some eu)

    Whenever i open the petrochemical generator gui in smp , bukkit.
    i crash , minecraft freezes and goes into blackscreen, whenever i open the gui from the petrochemical generator.
    the error i fetched usen a batch file start:

    Version info:1.18 both server as client

    (Note : i typed the error , i had it on another screen, there might be a typo)
    any help would be appreciated
    also , ignore some of the lines behind behind eachother , i dunno what it is , but i cant force them in new lines

    Nightvision does modify the games rendering, something IC can't possibly do (without basefile modding).
    Currently i tinker with requesting a general "overlay" hook for MCForge, permitting to display additional HUD elements on screen... depending on how the graphic engine works, one could try displaying a transparent bright green layer over the screen with that hook...
    You seriously shouldn't assume nightvision is coming anywhen soon, at best.

    Before you go think up ideas , increasing brightness shouldnt be that hard to code in , (making all textures have more contrast is i suppose harder :P)

    Essentially, yes. And with 5 leaves plus the collector, that would actually be 6 times the space. :3 But yes, that's what I'm saying. I could make the Photocollector harder to craft if that might help...

    i dont think photosynthesis can be used to produce energy , sorry , its as likely to work as nuclear fusion inside a lightbulb xD
    It's a nice idea , but i think keeping the "Realism" in industrialcraft it inst exactly what you want :3
    (For the quantum suit , suits of armour exist in real , there are boots that make you run 2 times as fast , and there are scuba suits)

    I agree with you, I love mining and would love to see silicon ore of some sort.

    Make a mod to let sandstone spawn as ore , done :P XD , but i think block id pollution is a big thing
    a server containing ic²,Redpower,Buildcraft and railcraft is modded to the limit of block id's nearly full , (exept 2 or so block ids)
    clients are a diffrent story becouse there now is the 4048 block data values mod