Suggestion: pump compatibility with Buildcraft

  • Given that the geothermal generator is now able to accept lava from bc pumps, could it be possible to have the IC2 pump be able to send lava directly into Buildcraft pipes? It would save people alot of tin (which is already somewhat uncommon) and would certainly help the two mods work together in a more seamless manner.

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    If you have Buildcraft pipes you have Buildcraft pump which only needs 4 Redstone engines to keep working.Or 3EU/t + Energy link (Power Converters mod). Or any other BC/IC energy converter mod.

  • True, but the buildcraft pump cannot be run in conjunction with the IC2 miner, which I've found to be much easier to clean up after than the quarry, in addition to the significantly reduced production cost.

  • Might as well do so... but you also have to understand that the Pump for IC is designed more around water capture than lava in some respects. Since Ice is so readily made via an attachment to Compressors, pumps do a great job at manufacturing them. Yet the BC Pump is more suited for lava capture, as it will take large amounts of source blocks in a set radius around it. The IC Pump doesn't do that (unless attached to a miner), and is better for capturing liquid from infinite sources...

    Sometimes specialization is better than compatibility.. /shrug

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  • IC pumps work with buckets. If you have Redpower installed, you can use a retriever-deployer-filter system to shuffle lava or water into BC tanks.

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