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    3 years later, I now want to play Sevtech Ages - this means that I need to update all of my mods to the current version.

    Here's Armour HUD v3.2 for Minecraft 1.12.2. It's tested and working with vanilla durability and IC2 equipment, mainly because I have them in my build environment. RF-powered items should still work unless they broke something massively behind the scenes (beside a small classpath change for the API which I've already noticed), likewise for Tinkers' Construct items (though I can't remember how well they worked before). I can't test these because I haven't got something that'll work in a deobfuscated dev environment.

    New is support for Forge Energy-powered items, which should also work fine (it's basically RF), but I likewise haven't tested that out.

    Known bugs: whenever the annoying little achievement thingy pops up in the top right hand of the screen telling you "you've picked up cobble, congrats, there are new recipes", the text display spazzes out and shows blocks instead of letters. I have no idea how to even start to diagnose this - sorry :/

    I have yet to feed this to an actual modded setup that isn't a dev environment (haven't begun that Sevtech playthrough yet, waiting on the other players to arrange a time), so I can't say much about how well this .jar will work in real gameplay. Tell me if you use it and something goes horribly wrong.

    Here's what I found when sticking IC2 Classic into my current modpack, replacing IC2 Experimental and leaving everything else (ignoring mods already listed on

    IC2 Combo Armours v1.14.5.05: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ic2/core/init/InternalName when loading Minecraft

    Iridium Mod: the ore can't be smelted in an electric or induction furnace. Macerating it gives "crushed iridium", which has no uses. Other mods (Rotarycraft, TE, Tinkers, AOBD Thaumcraft native cluster or AE2 Grindstone Integration) can operate on the ore, but the iridium dust/ingots which it produces are only useful for Advanced Solar Panels.

    And here's an update for Minecraft r1.7.10. Yes, that's about 9 months between having a usable version of Forge and this mod's release. The only change from the previous version is that UE compatibility has been removed - since the UE website now seems to be owned by some kind of domain parker, I'm assuming that it's a dead mod. The API, if anyone ever used it, remains the same.

    So I managed to make it compile and play nice with the other mods. Not an easy task - first, you need Forge 871 (for Minecraft r1.6.2). To make that work, you need to replace its with the one from Forge 965 (the last release for MC r1.6.4) because otherwise it won't download MC or its libraries. Then you need to add Buildcraft version 4.1.2 (earlier versions are lacking a function which gets over-ridden, later versions throw a wobbly that FML doesn't have yet). Then you need to add the Gregtech API (and since I really didn't want to then heap on the Mystcraft and TE APIs and smeg knows what else *those* end up needing in turn, I just made a tiny little stub class). And when you're done, you need to use reobfuscate_srg instead of the normal reobfuscate command.

    Only then will it compile and play nice with the other mods. Enjoy your working recipes.

    mv electric engine not craftable in latest version

    It's an issue with the advanced RE battery and also the lapotron crystal damage values (so you can't make EV engines either - I've had to hax them in on my server). I've tweaked the code to use the proper values - replace your existing file with the 1.1.0a file in the attachments. I haven't done anything to the version numbers, so you can still connect to servers running 1.1.0 without issue (or those using 1.1.0 can connect to a server running 1.1.0a).

    The file with the recipes was, the changed version of which is also attached.

    If this version breaks where 1.1.0 didn't, then let me know. I have absolutely no intentions of taking this mod over, so please don't bug me for support beyond "your patch broke my game".

    EDIT: and the patch broke my game. I've pulled the file until I figure out why...

    EDIT 2: Found the problem. The original version is half-reobfuscated. I can either compile it as fully reobfuscated or fully deobfuscated, but there's nothing in between. I don't think I'll be able to make it work.

    EDIT 3: and now it works.

    Minor update here where I tried to make it compatible with Tinkers' Construct tools. It still doesn't recognise them (internally, they're not even damageable and my little compatibility hax failed), but formatting codes are now stripped from item names - no longer do you have to see those funny S-things.


    So I'm finally moving to a newer version of Minecraft (r1.6.4) and consequently had to update the armour HUD mod. It got a *massive* re-working under the hood and some new features - enough to warrant me bumping the version number up to 3.0. Features include:

    -Thermal Expansion and Universal Electricity integration (not fully tested)

    -More explicit integration with IC2 (now shows the status of your nanosabre and electric jetpack), Gravisuite (shows status of the advanced/nanosuit jetpacks) and Simply Jetpacks addon for Thermal Expansion (again, hover status display)

    -UNICODE! (look at the description for the diamond, unicode names aren't saved in the config file)

    All text is now in Unicode - so if it looks a little funny compared to the old version, blame Notch's fonts.

    There is also now an API which mod developers can use to display their own custom strings instead of my autogenerated ones. Usage should be fairly self-explanatory once you get used to the quirks of how I render text.

    Downloads are at the bottom of the post, lemme know if you find any bugs.

    A final note: I don't know if I'm going to update this past 1.6.4. I only managed to get this far because Forge (after replacing the MD5 values in a few scripts to make it work again) doesn't use this strange Gradle crap and actually lets me recompile my mod. And none of the instructions were any use - they all tell me to use Eclipse, which I am not doing (screw IDEs, text editor, file manager and command line FTW).

    EDIT (2014-08-04): I've made a very small change to the code that adds a bit more spacing between letters - the default unicode font is too squished up. If you got the mod before now, you can re-download it to get the change.

    Here's an update that works on MC r1.5.1 using the latest API available from the IC2 build site. There are two versions - one if you're using an IC2 beta and one if you don't have it installed (this contains a compiled IC2 API and shouldn't be used if you're running IC2 properly - I haven't yet figured out how to make it not depend so hard on IC2's API). If you don't have IC2 installed, then you get the full quantum suit-level HUD with exact precision. If you've got it, you need to tech up as normal.


    v2.5 = Ported to MC r1.5.1 (required changes: some stuff about isDebugInfoEnabled, alterations to the IElectricItem in IC2's API), added the beginnings of being able to run this mod without IC2 or its API installed.

    Been kinda lazy on updating this since there's no official IC2 release for MC r1.4.7 (and hence no need to update my server), but it will need to be re-coded at some point and so why not do it now. Grab it from the first post.

    Oh, and since I've never used and never intend to use a modpack (I find it a lot easier to install mods separately), I'm not offering any kind of explicit support for Tekkit, FTB or the like. If it works, great.

    And here's a version for Minecraft r1.4.6 and IC2 beta 1.112. Haven't tested it with actual IC2, but there are no substantial changes (some classes got moved, but I think I've dealt with that) to the IC2 integration code from the MC r1.4.2 release and so it ought to work fine. Lemme know if you encounter any bugs.

    I would have added in some code which allows modders to customise the Armour HUD display (allowing any headgear to define itself as a HUD provider, custom prefixes, postfixes, name and value, along with some other tweaks), but Java has a crappy inheritance system and so you'd either have to manually fill in a return value for each and every piece of information I need (there are about 28 of them) which would be incredibly tiresome; or I'd have to use icky, slow reflection to do the job instead. So it's the same old functionality again.

    EDIT: fixed a retarded bug in the packaged version, re-download it.


    v2.4a = Ported to MC r1.4.6 (required changes: a whole lot of includes due to Minecraft's classes being split into a whole bunch of subpackages, item name function has now changed from ItemStack.getItemName() to ItemStack.getDisplayName()) and moved the mod into its own package. If you use FruitDisplayLib for anything, it's now in fruitmods.fruitlibs.

    -I want to make a bluecticity reader, but Elo's license on RP (and not beeing released) is a major pain in neck, so state if anyone want to see it in future.

    This could probably be done by reading NBT tags from blocks in the world. I imagine that RP2 energy is stored in one, so all you need is to run MCEdit on a 1.2.5 world with Redpower installed, find a battery box (and some blulectric wire) and look through its tags. No RP2 decompilation required - in fact, you don't even need RP2 to do it. Just a copy of the world.

    Thank you! The triangles have been annoying me since I found out about this add-on. :D

    EDIT: I'm not sure if this is purposely, but when I take Nano helm off the HUD disappears.

    The HUD will take 3 different forms.

    Form 1: display to 1% precision, no graphical representation. This is when you're wearing not wearing a helmet that could reasonably be expected to have a display (read: none of the below).

    Form 2: item condition is displayed to 0.1% precision and you get a (n optional) graphical schematic. This is when you're wearing a nano helmet or night vision goggles.

    Form 3: item charge level or uses remaining is displayed exactly (though you can put it back to 0.1% precision with an option in the config file) along with the (optional) schematic. This is when you have a quantum helmet on.