[1.1] sniperfield's server [Temporary offline]

  • soz...when will the server .minecraft be uploaded whith the turdles and stuff?also a :Reactor: blew up behind my mountian can i get cleaned up?i think he put to many :Uranium Cell: in there :P

  • thanks mc, happened after you TP'ed me. Cant get on now. Yay!

  • when i loggin i get this error and i am using the provided configs.

  • tried again whith fresh .minecraft and every thing got this

  • I tried the ip that was in the thread, sniperfield.nx.tc, but it said it couldn't connect, and when I used the ip that was on wiki.industrial-craft.net, sniperfield.it.ox, it didn't work either. I am running mc 1.1.0 with all the mods that you said in the thread, so what am i doing wrong?