[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Advanced Machines 1.1.6

  • i'm having an issue with this mod on 1.7.10, none of the machine seems to increase the speed with time, even if i use a redstone signal or put redstone on the machines UI.
    Does anyone have this problem too?

  • This addon can be useful. First, could you, please, make compressor accept water from IC2 pump/Buildcraft pipes to make snow? This would well go along with your advanced recycler. I would like to make a resultative process of replication.
    Also, I have in mind two things how machines could be advanced. Your metal former should take kinetic energy and roll things faster with more mechanical power, this makes more sense. Another one, there should be something like a charge dock to charge about a dozen of items at once, would be more convenient than using an MFSU.

  • Any chance of getting the redstone inverter upgrade to work? It can't be inserted into the compressor or macerator, and in the extractor it can be inserted but it has no effect. Would love to see if implemented!