[Support] Canned food?!?!?!?!

  • From industrial craft wiki page of canning machine:
    "Canned Food is opened by right clicking on the filled can while holding it. It will be eaten instantly like the old Minecraft food and will consume the can along with it but in newer versions you are given back an empty can. Each consumed can of food heals one heart directly, instead of restoring hunger like normal foods. This makes Canned Food a benefit to explorers in dangerous situations!"

    I play IC2 1.71, with minecraft 1.1.0 (waiting for 1.2 :rolleyes: ), but actually, every time i tried canned food, it restored to me 1 full point of hungry bar, not a full heart!
    I simply put empty can in canning machine, put on top some food, and full can is the output... I usually eat full can instead of normal food because is easy to transport and manage...
    I found many people in the forum say the same of the wiki, but i actually never seen this mechanic work...
    Can someone help me hunderstand why the wiki report this frase? is this a bug? or i misunderstand something? or i make something wrong? maybe i need a full hunger bar to make this happen?

    Thanks 4 answer :D