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    exactly... connect physically 2 or 3 lines of cable, sharing one block where they crosses keeping in the same time the 2 or 3 Enet separate.
    it's kinda a cable that let flow the EU in only one direction without make them turn from his path, if i enter faceing south i'll can only exit south. so i can make 3 different lines pass through the node without any EU interaction
    is something like Null Gate of RP2, but with cable and in 3 dimension instead of 2

    Tell me a example were that would be usefull!

    "It's really difficult sometime to run multiple cables carrying different packet size into walls, or into a really compact contraption, expecially when u need also redpower tubing and blue/red wire..."

    More clear than this... i dunno how to be more easy to understand... is a ultra compact way to run cable...

    example: i wanna hide 2 crossing cable lines into CF, one that go from under the floor to the upper level of the building and one that run orizontally to connect my machines to my batterys.
    U can't do that hiding all the cable now, because u have to exit the wall and paint the cable in 3 point...
    U should do this:

    Is ugly and unconvinient... and with RP2 Frames u should run extra frame only for that...

    with the Cable Node u simply place that in the crosspoint and the 2 line coesist in the wall without connecting...

    It's not something rivolutionary, is simple an utility block/cable that help u run cables without strange turns... is a cable that don't connect anything that isn't straight in line with the input...

    It's really difficult sometime to run multiple cables carrying different packet size into walls, or into a really compact contraption, expecially when u need also redpower tubing and blue/red wire...
    I thinked at a really compact solution for make 2 separated EU lines cross each other without strange twirls around colored wires and things.

    A cable that act like a crossroad for EU: the Cable Node.
    EU coming from the left, will be outputted only to the right and viceversa.
    EU coming from the front, will be outputted only to the back and viceversa.
    EU coming from the top, will be outputted only to the bottom and viceversa.
    The Node can handle 512 EU/t and have a 0.025 EU per block loss (like a glass fibre cable).

    Is crafted like this :produces 4x Cable Nodes
    - :Glass Fibre: -
    :Glass Fibre: :Rubber: :Glass Fibre:
    - :Glass Fibre: -

    Hope will u like it ^^

    Sorry, the question is: Is there a transformer betwene the 5 EU and 512 EU package, what happens.
    Case1: The transformer Emit every 512/5= 102.4t a 512 EU package?
    Case2: The transformer Emit directly 5 EU/t

    If i understand it, it must case 1 because after a transformer the package size is 512EU/t !

    It works like Case1, the transformer collect energy until he reach 512 EU than emit a single packet of that size, BTW, u need 2 transformers to do that, LV and MV so the LV collect 5 EU/t (even if it can accept 32EU/t MAX) and send a total of 4x128 EU packets to the MV that transform it again into 1x 512.

    Okay, and if there is a Machine on other side that requires 32EU/t ?
    What happens with the other packages?

    Case 1: The transformer split 2048 EU in ? 4 512 eu packages and drop 3 because only one consumer is connected?
    Case 2: The transformer split 2048 EU in ? 4 512 eu packages and store 3 because only one consumer is connected? (2048/512=4 --> Every 4 tick emit a HV Transformer EU?)

    Thanks again for all the answers, but I try to just understand the system properly.

    The transformer that transform down the EU, store the energy into the output buffer, not in the input like previous example.
    It takes a 2048, store it into his buffer, and than, he sand 1x512 packets when needed. When his internal buffer go down to 0 (all 4 packets consumed) it pick up from the enet another 2048 EU/t and start again.
    If the machine require 32EU/t u need all the 3 tier transformers in sequence to make that work, this mean that the HV feed the MV with 512EU/t, the MV feed the LV with 128EU/t, and the LV finally feed the machines with 32EU/t. Otherwise, if u don't down grade in this way, the machine request eu from the enet, the transformer send his packet of 512, and the machine explode because can accepts only 32 EU/t. Machine with upgrade transformers have the same functionality but build in.
    Side note: if in this case the input of the HV transformer is less than 2048, it simply accumulate EU until he have enough to send a 512 packets and store the rest in the buffer...

    the concept is this:
    i have request of eu? no -> goto sleep
    yes -> do this:
    is the EU i have in buffer enough to send one pakets of mine? no -> take another pakets from the enet, store in buffer, repeat.
    yes -> send transformed EU paket, if i have eu left store it in the buffer.

    I get an error when i try to install this addon... I just modified the ID of the block due to Forestry conflict, but the rest is the same...

    Here the crush report:

    Don't think this is another ID conflict... what i did wrong? is my fault or an incompatibility with something? What i should do to make it work?
    Thanks anyway

    N1: Alblaka is currently evaluating the idea to add some way to add invenctory space... probably as an armour piece form...

    N2: Quantum armor can't charge and discharge intentionally, and u think that near totally invulnerability is not a special feature? u mad.

    N3: this is true... they can actually integrate... but why? this work pretty well as it is... also, the more people working on mods, the more bigger this can become and the more easy is to keep all under control as anyone have to build HIS part of the mod... look at this like IC2 has the modules like RP2 but this are called addons instead.

    N4: all liquids in IC2 needs tin cells in order to work... and until Al want a rework... this will stay like that... if u don't like use tin cells for biofuel, make wax capsules and use forestry's biofuel instead...

    N5: this will be really cool! And also the nuke is kinda cheap IMHO

    i like this idea!
    allow to use gunpowder early game as i never had 15 gunpowders before nanoarmor... maybe as a second crafting recipie will work great.
    It remove the needs of flint, but u need way more string and sand to craft the equivalent quantities of dynamites... so i think this is also kinda balanced...

    +1 at this

    U have 3 ways IMHO to power a mass fab that works with a decent speed:
    (in order from cheapest)

    -10 GeoGens
    -Nuclear reactor
    -HV solar array

    Obviusly all the 3 solution need to be dedicated to that work and the massfab be fed by scraps...

    BTW if u need the massfab only for create UUM for quantum suit, u can simply feed it with the surplus of your normal EU supply just the time u need (scraps are anyway adviced)...

    ULV cable (aka tin cable) = Ultra Low Voltage: support MAX 5 EU/t packet size, best for connect low EU gain generators.
    LV cable (aka copper cable) = Low Voltage: support MAX 32 EU/t packet size, used to power most IC2 machine.
    MV cable (aka gold cable) = Medium Voltage: support MAX 128 EU/t packet size, used to cheaply connect machine with 1 transformer upgrade.
    HV cable (aka glass fibre cable) High Voltage: support MAX 512 EU/t packet size, used to connect high EU consuming machine like teslacoil or massfab, or even normal machine with 2 transformer upgrade.
    EV cable (aka iron cable) = Extreme Voltage: support MAX 2048 EU/t packet size, used to connect reactors to HV transformer or for long distance energy line

    Well... will be good enough if it's a door that will stay in position even if u break the block where it's placed on, or make this block indestructible as well... but i don't think this is possible to code, or even wise to make this blocks indestructible, so i thinked at personal safe for this task, because only the owner can move it.
    Maybe we will need a building block that is indestructible as well, as have personal safes all around is a bit unconvinient and ugly to see... maybe a block that use iridium plates... dunno...

    By the way, this kind of door is thinked to be placed only into high resistance wall. If u place this all around your base, the only result u can obtain is the intruder to make tons of holes into your walls, as the walls will offer a far less resistance compared to the indestructibility of the security door... This is a door for bunkers and high defended place, not for the entrace of your badroom...

    And in the latest Adventuremode you CAN actually break blocks (only if you have the right Tool), just to let you know.

    Didn't know that 8| ... i read that u can only interact with doors and redstone input blocks... but the utility to access only with a pass code is good anyway... the possibility to break the block if u have the right tool isn't sufficient until u are the owner of the door, as it's indestructible...

    Dunno if this is useful or not... actually in minecraft is easier to make a hole in the wall to enter somewhere instead to open a door and enter in a 2x1 space...
    BUT if u wanna make some heavy protected bunker THIS should have some value!

    My suggestion is a heavylooking metal door that are indestructible for other player like personal safe.
    It's explosion resistant like reinforced doors.
    This door cannot be opened by redstone signal, but emit a redstone signal when opened in the block where is placed.
    Obviusly if u break the block under the door, the door will drop, but if u use a reinforced stone, or better a personal safe that is indestructible and inaccessible, the door should keep the entrance secure.
    This door can be opened in two ways:

    1-On right click on door, a little GUI with the 10 numbers buttons, one ENTER button and a 4 slots display appear... isn't it clear? a combination door. The first 4 long combination insered make the door open, and this combination is unchangeable until the owner (who placed the door) break the door and replace it. After the first opening, anyone must insert the correct code to OPEN the door and anyone can CLOSE the door like a normal wooden door (maybe getting trapped in).

    2-U can access the door like a normal wooden door if u have a Magnetic Pass Card. A Magnetic Pass Card is a simple tool that when in hand and right clicked, open a GUI with the space for 5 combinations. If the combination of the door match with one of the 5 combination, the owner of the card can have free access to the door until he have the card into his invenctory. (is raccomanded to make a copy of the card at home to prevent the losing of the codes in the card in case of accidental destrucion of this one).

    Crafting recipies:
    Security door:
    - :Advanced Circuit: -
    :Intergrated Plating: ID :Intergrated Plating:
    - - -
    where :Intergrated Plating: are advanced alloy and ID are Iron door

    Magnetic Pass Card:
    - :Energy Crystal: -
    :Energy Crystal: :Iridium::Electronic Circuit:
    - :Energy Crystal: -
    where :Energy Crystal: is redstone and :Iridium: are paper.

    I think that this is a good tool to make your bunker even more protected... a reinforced door can do the job for his streght, but place a lever and the security level fly away from the window... in order to made the access at your 2-3 layer of reinforced stone storage room (or really more important nuclear reactor room) ristrictive, this is a good solution i think...
    As the new released Adventure mode, this will also help to give some more option to map creators!
    Lemme know what u think ^^