[Suggestion] CF Wire Blocks w/ Paint & Luminators

  • Make it so you can paint CF blocks with wires in them instead of them being a ridiculously ugly block, what good is covering up an unsightly wire if get an unsightly non paintable block instead??

    Also make it so when you stick a luminator on it, it works like a luminator on any other block and turns into the nice little strip.

  • i think both of these ideas have been suggested in seperate posted, basically Alblaka (if i remember right) is implimenting the ability to use CFoam ON Wires like they are scalloding and then can be painted for explosion resistant cables. and the luminators had their own huge post recently and those are going to be completely re-worked, but one of the suggestions was to be able to take a luminator and "wrap" it around a wire to make a Lighted Cable, kind of like the Rope Lights they sell around Christmas Time.

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