My 200EU SMP Reactor

  • Hello,

    I´like to introduce my 200EU Reactor Design I build on my survival server.
    The version of IC2 we run does not support the generation of Uran with UU Matter
    (at least we didn´t found it). So as Uran is pretty rare the primary focus is to get
    as much as possible out of one Uran Cell. Cooldown Time or EU/t doesn´t matter.
    What matters to me is the total output of one cell per run or Total Output / Uran Cell Count.
    Btw. it would be nice if this value could be added to the Reactor Planner.

    So, here it is.
    It´s a 4 Chamber, 6 Cell active cooled (1 bucket every 2 sec.) SUC Reactor.

    Well I thought why build one reactor if you can build 2 for twice the price ;)
    So both reactors together have an output of 400EU/t and a total output of 80mil. EU.
    The reactor serves a single purpose, to generate UU Matter. It´s eats roughly 5 double chests of scrap for a full run
    and finally outputs 7,5 stacks of UU Matter.

    Here are some images of the reactor

    the reactor itself.

    8 MFSUs for EU storage…or/s_reactor_batterie.jpg

    The reactor chamber…tor/s_reactor_chamber.jpg

    an outside view…actor/s_reactor_halle.jpg

    the cooling system…_reactor_k%C3%BChlung.jpg

    and finally the scrap supply…s_reactor_scrapzufuhr.jpg

    Some notes on the design and some problems I ran into when building one on a server.
    I use a deployer and transposer to fill the water buckets. After they were in the reactor they´re
    beeing transported out by a filter who only accepts empty and filled waterbuckets (to make sure
    it doesn´t grab cooling cells or heatdispensers in case a glitch occurs).
    After a bucket left the reactor it´s beeing transported into a chest wich serves as a cache for buckets.
    It´s filled completely with buckets so in case a bucket dissapears it immediatly can grab a new one.
    From this chest a transposer sends them back to the deployer.

    the real tricky part is the timing of the redsone signal. So I have one redstone timer running at 2sec.
    wich is delayed before reaching the filter directly on the reactor. It´s delayed because within these 2 seconds
    the bucket should stay as long as possible in the reactor before beeing transported out. If the bucket stays a to short
    amount of time within the reactor, no cooling will appear because it´s beeing transported out before the water evaporates.
    If it stays to long, the sync with the deployer will mallfunction and buckets are not beeing filled with water again, because
    the deployer actives some milliseconds before a bucket actually reached it. So it´s tricky but possible.

    Some problems that occur when runing this setup on a SMP Server. For some reasons, one of both reactors loses 4-5 buckets
    whenever I got disconnected or enter the area. I believe it´s because one reactor is build on 2 chunks
    while the other just within one chunk. The one build on 2 chunks loses the buckets. So I think it´s a good idea to build those kind
    of reactors within a single chunk. This is also the reason I build the bucket cache as described above.
    Anyway I´m not sure about this. Maybe someone has another idea what could be wrong, here ?

    Another problem is the flow of water after a disconnect. While our server can be considered pretty fast and lag free (It´s a dedicated server
    the runs only minecraft) whenever I disconnect/reconnect it may take up to 3 minutes (worst case) until the water starts to flow again. In this time the reactor
    has no active cooling. It´s not that bad, but annoying. We allready tried a lot of things, like making the pool 2 blocks deep so water can flow
    from above, without success. Maybe someone has an idea how to speeed up the flow of water on a server ?

    Any ideas to optimize the total output of one cell are appreciated. So far this is the best solution I have found.