[1.71] Strangleweed r3 [SMP]

  • : Strangleweed :
    Strangleweed is my first experiment digging into cropcards. It is a tier 7 weed that can be used to your benefit, if you want. The Strangleweed is a fast growing yellow vine that feeds off of other crops, literally sucking the nutrition from them. If a crop has no nutrition left, there is a small chance of that crop dieing. Although a dead Strangleweed cannot be harvested for anything, a fully grown living vine can be harvested for plant balls.

    : Current Features :

    Like normal weeds, the Strangleweed can spread to nearby crops when fully grown. This comes at a cost of nutrition to the plant, and is influenced by its growth, the target crop's resistance, and the size of each crop. If wanted, this feature can be turned off in configuration. If turned off, Strangleweed will behave like a normal crop and crossbreed, although it will still feed off other nearby crops.


    A unique feature of Strangleweed is it's dependence on nutrition. A Strangleweed needs a minimum of 20 nutrition to stay alive. If it drops below that, it will starve. If it starves for long enough, the crop will dry up and die. If the crop's nutrition goes above 20 before it dies, it will slowly recover from the starvation. A dead Strangleweed will no longer drop plant balls, and will not grow or spread, basically wasting space. Starving can also turned off in the configuration.

    : Planned Features :
    - Strangleweed Vine Blocks: I'm thinking of letting Strangleweeds spread to trees(think like the original vines that spread everywhere)
    - 1.81 support: I don't have the newest MCP set up yet, and am busy with classes. When I get the time to set it up, I'll update to the latest.

    : Known Bugs :
    - None that I know of, please report any you find!

    : Downloads :
    Strangleweed r3 for IC2 1.71 (Client) [Dropbox]
    Strangleweed r3 for IC2 1.71 (Server) [Dropbox]

    : Changelog :
    [Revision 3 - 25/03/2012]
    - Fix: Config file is now named properly.
    [Revision 2 - 21/03/2012]
    - New: Will now crossbreed with other crops if spreading is turned off.
    - Rebalancing: Weighted factors effecting growth, nutrition now has a stronger effect than air or hydration.
    - Fix: Living plants that have starved for a short time will slowly recover over time if nutrition is above minimum.

  • Updated to r2, I have a few other simple crops I'm working on right now, then I'll get to updating to 1.81. Would love some feedback :)