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    To the actual OP: You want hotfixes? You're apparently in a prime position to do something about it. You're already bug-hunting on your own server, right? Well, instead of bellyaching and complaining, you could compile the bug information, including how to reproduce and suspected culprit, and provide that information to the dev team. Suddenly, instead of being Yet Another Griper, you're actually contributing to the mod which you 'love and use', for very little additional effort on your part (posting the collection of bugs you have already researched). It might net better results.

    Pretty sure he stated he thinks his reports aren't being read anymore. As someone who has played on Kane's server - he does alot of testing and reporting, he is quite obsessive with it IMO - but mod devs need people like him IMHO. A team of Kane Harts testing a mod would have no bugs lol

    Sorry but i have to agree with Kane Hart here. it's something alot of us has been thinking and wanting to say for awhile, there is no excuse for the lack of hot fixes and support for loyal fans here. I see IC2 dying in the near future as well if they don't step their shit up fast. The quality of the work is just sliding down hill, and your beta testers are some lazy ass bums who cant bug test properly for shit. Hire new testers, you don't need to go open source or open betas, just get some real testers and start releasing HOTFIXES!

    To you other dicks, stop hating on other ppl for saying something negative about IC2, the truth is the truth, if we took the time to rant about it then obviously we must care about the mod and the devs. If no one says anything, this shit will continue to go on. For now i don't recommend using IC2 on a server in its current condition, cant even say use it now and wait for a hotfix(because you guys dont release those) Instead you wait for another update which is usually for another version of MC, and then the cycle continues. SMH

    And why does post count dictate if someone should be taken serious? Eloraam has 1 post count here, and that one post was taken very very serious. I can vouch that Electrobot is a long time user of Ic2 and probably knows more about the mod then 90% of the ppl here would hundreds of post.

    Sweet! testing

    Works with Forestry and Transformers addon.
    Although i got a crash when i pressed F(which switches to my dual weapons from Mine & Blade mod)

    my list was too long for this post get it here:

    Hmm i didnt have to remove any ic2 folders from EE/Forestry/TC2/Railcraft etc and my game booted up fine v1.103
    ALso now problems with NEI plugin either.

    What is the downside of removing the api folders from said mods(which i didn't have to)?