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    What version are you using? 1.71 and earlier had an overflow bug which made hydrating and fertilizing very glitchy, you could get negative values if you used them too often(or for hydration, the first use was always negative)

    Other than that I'm not sure, it could be a biome problem or something depending where you are(biomes can affect hydration), on my old world I could only plant some crops on one side of my farm, because half of it was in a desert biome(or atleast that was the only reason for it I could come up with)

    Having any railcraft objects doesn't matter. Open up the railcraft mod, and delete the "ic2" folder inside it. That should fix any railcraft related problems. That could have done the initial corruption, but if a chunk is corrupted the only real fix is to remove it. If you know the exact chunk(s) you could use an NBT editor and delete them manually, though with a nuclear hole there, you'll probably have a huge area to remove :P

    Which version were you on, and what other mods did you have? If you had railcraft, that could of been part of the problem. Railcraft includes an old version of the API that clashes with the crops, and tends to crash clients/servers. In newer versions(1.71+) I haven't had any issues with crops, other than 1.81's cropnalyzer being broken, but oh well.

    The problem with letting it use normal light is that solar panels are already very very good, as you said, with no maintenance. The one drawback on it is that it only works during the day. If it worked with any light source, it would need to be nerfed, meaning it wouldn't produce nearly as much energy. As much as I agree with you that solar panels should work on all light, for the sake of this mod, it's just more balanced the way it is.

    Redwheat needs low light to grow at all, not just last stage. I'm not sure how long it takes to grow because mine was outside, so only grew at night, but get rid of torches within like 5 blocks of it and keep it fertilized/watered, and it should grow. (but if its outside it might take a while even without torches)

    One question does it need something special like Ferru and Aurelia or what because I have a wheat looking plant in my Ferru that refuses to grow.

    It needs 5-10 light level, so if you have lots of light there it wont grow, try removing lights near it so you can move it to its own farm.

    well as i heard biomes dont have any effect on crops but may that info isnt right.

    Biomes themselves don't, but hydration does, how much dirt is below the block, etc, and I'm pretty sure the chunk hydration affects crop hydration. Makes my desert castle a horrible spot for growing crops, which is why I have a big wood platform over the ocean to grow stuff :P

    I've been using it for a while now, it's fun, the only bummer with the research system is when you finish :P I've gotten all the research except the taint ones, I can't find any taint artifacts or anything... I'm going to have to play with tainted areas aren't I :rolleyes:

    I haven't tried playing with the generator in TC2 yet, in the first one it was a bit overpowered though, made way too much energy with a small amount of vis.

    Have to say though, one thing hasn't changed since the first version. Wand of Lightning still my favourite toy ;)

    I've thought about, I haven't really looked into potion ingredients much, it seems possible though. I'll add that with the big mushrooms I guess, working on that one too. The mushroom generator code hurts my head to look at.

    What about an alternative to the bed that can count as a bed, but is like a medical tank or something(think most scifi shows :P) Would be even more amusing if you slept in it vertically.

    : Shrooms :
    Shrooms adds four new crops to the agriculture system, the 2 vanilla mushrooms plus 2 new ones, and matching mushroom blocks for the 2 new ones. It also adds spores, made by crafting a single mushroom, which is used to plant the mushrooms in crops. All of the mushrooms require low light to grow, so you may have to make a separate farm for them.

    : Current Features :
    [The Shrooms]

    All four mushrooms come in crop and normal form. The brown and red mushrooms are the same as in vanilla. The White Mushrooms(aka button mushrooms) are ideal for food, however require extremely low light to grow. Cortinar Mushrooms, the purple ones, are very poisonous, and even a small touch will leave any living thing poisoned.

    [Mushroom Soup]

    The White Mushrooms are perfect for making mushroom soup, requiring only one mushroom and a bowl to make soup. Rejoice, mushroom lovers!


    In order to grow mushrooms with your crops, you will first need to collect their spores. Crafting a mushroom will give you it's spores.

    : Planned Features :
    - Giant Mushrooms: I plan to add giant white and cortinar mushrooms, similar to the brown and red ones in vanilla minecraft.
    - 1.81 support: I don't have the newest MCP set up yet, and am busy with classes. When I get the time to set it up, I'll update to the latest.

    : Known Bugs :
    - White mushroom and Cortinar mushroom items have no name for some reason.
    - Cortinar mushrooms shouldn't poison you until fully grown.

    : Downloads :
    Shrooms r1 for IC2 1.71 (Client) [Dropbox]
    Shrooms r1 for IC2 1.71 (Server) [Dropbox]

    : Changelog :
    [Initial Release]
    No Changes yet!

    Amusingly enough, I've done pure-Bukkit mods, but I've no experience whatsoever in taking a singleplayer mod and adding compatibility. I'd like to, but it's not a near goal, because I just don't have the underlying knowledge yet.

    Look at the source code to my Strangleweed for SMP coding, it's almost identical. The main differences are config files don't need the minecraft directory(the server always loads config from current directory) and you don't need anything that is specifically client side(preloading textures, etc)

    So long as you don't add entities, fancy gui's or complex systems, it should work mostly just by copying and pasting the code to server side. I'll make a tutorial for making an SMP Crop making using a more simple crop idea soon, hopefully we can get more CropCard's that way.

    I got redwheat a while ago by chance, and crossed for a second one. Only one of them dropped any, and only one. It seems to have a very low drop rate, so you would probably need big fields of redwheat in the dark to get much redstone from it. I'm not sure how fast it grows in ideal conditions, because mine was outside in the sun.

    : Strangleweed :
    Strangleweed is my first experiment digging into cropcards. It is a tier 7 weed that can be used to your benefit, if you want. The Strangleweed is a fast growing yellow vine that feeds off of other crops, literally sucking the nutrition from them. If a crop has no nutrition left, there is a small chance of that crop dieing. Although a dead Strangleweed cannot be harvested for anything, a fully grown living vine can be harvested for plant balls.

    : Current Features :

    Like normal weeds, the Strangleweed can spread to nearby crops when fully grown. This comes at a cost of nutrition to the plant, and is influenced by its growth, the target crop's resistance, and the size of each crop. If wanted, this feature can be turned off in configuration. If turned off, Strangleweed will behave like a normal crop and crossbreed, although it will still feed off other nearby crops.


    A unique feature of Strangleweed is it's dependence on nutrition. A Strangleweed needs a minimum of 20 nutrition to stay alive. If it drops below that, it will starve. If it starves for long enough, the crop will dry up and die. If the crop's nutrition goes above 20 before it dies, it will slowly recover from the starvation. A dead Strangleweed will no longer drop plant balls, and will not grow or spread, basically wasting space. Starving can also turned off in the configuration.

    : Planned Features :
    - Strangleweed Vine Blocks: I'm thinking of letting Strangleweeds spread to trees(think like the original vines that spread everywhere)
    - 1.81 support: I don't have the newest MCP set up yet, and am busy with classes. When I get the time to set it up, I'll update to the latest.

    : Known Bugs :
    - None that I know of, please report any you find!

    : Downloads :
    Strangleweed r3 for IC2 1.71 (Client) [Dropbox]
    Strangleweed r3 for IC2 1.71 (Server) [Dropbox]

    : Changelog :
    [Revision 3 - 25/03/2012]
    - Fix: Config file is now named properly.
    [Revision 2 - 21/03/2012]
    - New: Will now crossbreed with other crops if spreading is turned off.
    - Rebalancing: Weighted factors effecting growth, nutrition now has a stronger effect than air or hydration.
    - Fix: Living plants that have starved for a short time will slowly recover over time if nutrition is above minimum.

    I really like this idea, I'll probably attempt an addon of it when I get time, right now I'm trying to get some agriculture/cropcard stuff done.

    I'm thinking a little more creepy though, instead of cows growing inside of the machine, having some big lump of living "mystery meat" sustained by the machine, that you can harvest off of. Possibly using 2 types of blocks, the actual support machine, and then the tanks/vats, similar to buildcraft tanks so you can extend your mutated creation's growing space.

    Heck, if I get bored enough, it could be extended to be an animal version of the agriculture system, allowing crossing for strange mutated species with better meat for food or that make some kind of bio-fuel.

    Well like I said mine was random, I got it with stickreeds and melons crossing, I believe. The low light seems to make sense though, I may have to make a low-light crossing room to test it out.I haven't been playing much since I started working on AgriculturePlus, I badly want those herbicides working for crossing, I've lost too many things(including 1 of the redwheat I was able to cross out of the original) to weeds :/