Loading mass fabricator with scrap automatically?

  • Hey peeps,

    This seems like such a simple thing to want to do and despite searching endlessly I can't find anything that shows how to do it, that works for me. I've seen some screenshots of a simple buildcraft pipe funneling scrap into a MF, but when I implement it, it doesn't work - the scrap gets put into the "top" slot in the mass fabricator (ie. where the UU matter should turn up) rather than in the bottom slot. If I wait until at least one piece of uumatter has been generated (thinking it might default to the bottom slot), the scrap just barfs out of the feed pipe. I've tried conventional buildcraft pipes, redpower2 tubes and even the "insertion" pipe from the AdditionalItems mod - all to no avail.

    Can anyone give me a simple suggestion on exactly how I can feed scrap into a mass fabricator via some automated mechanism, that puts it in the right slot!?

    Sorry if this is a proper n00b moment - I suspect I'm at one of those points of frustration where I can't see the wood for the trees.

    edit : This is the thread that had me investigating, but no luck so far :-


  • Scratch that - the impending thought of you guys slating me had me push on with it, and I've solved it. But none of the documentation/wiki makes this very clear...

    In _Tim_'s screenshot (below) from the above thread :-

    The location of the feed pipe is critical - it MUST be UNDERNEATH the mass fabricator to load the lower slot.


  • Yea, connect from the bottom as you found. I've heard of something called sneaky pipes which works around that, but I've never tried that mod. If you use BC 3.x you can also set it up to only run when there is scrap which can save a lot of EU if your setup feeds the scrap in slowly (via redstone engine for example).