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    Don't know if this helps much but I watched a couple of Direwolf20's latest SMP videos and they seem to have IC2 working O.K. with Mystcraft in SMP. Now, it is a game of mostly mod. authors (which is why I've watched some) so they are likely running custom versions, but if you can get one of them to reply, they might have some suggestions. IIRC Player is an IC2 developer playing in that game.

    Bandos81: You list RP2; Will a BlockBreaker break your MSFU free?

    You could try powering your miner with a compact solar. Of course it would only run during daylight hours. Personally, I still wish the IC2 Miner would run off a Lapitron crystal.

    Yea, connect from the bottom as you found. I've heard of something called sneaky pipes which works around that, but I've never tried that mod. If you use BC 3.x you can also set it up to only run when there is scrap which can save a lot of EU if your setup feeds the scrap in slowly (via redstone engine for example).

    I've had wind generators mysteriously stop producing power. The only "fix" I found was to dismount them all then reattach them and they then start producing power. It can be annoying and is one reason I use the 100% wrench add-on. It can also be dangerous if using them to power a Forestry electric motor to drive a BuildCraft pump to supply cooling water to a bank of BuildCraft combustion engines.

    Geesh people, calm down. FWIW I downloaded the .csv on an Ubuntu machine and just let it open it with the default OpenOffice 3.0 taking the default CSV import options and the spreadsheet imported O.K. One or two columns needed resizing because they contained text notes and the columns had default sized to the width of the text comment. I don't have LibraOffice handy nor the time to install it right now just to test this, but if it imports wonky there, figure out why and post the import options to help the next guy.

    FYI, OpenOffice is not as much "dead" as renamed. Oracle gave the code to Apache so it is now called "Apache OpenOffice". I've not tried it but last I heard Apache was going to maintain it. Nothing wrong with LibraOffice either of course.

    If you want a clearer universal format you might try the Open Document Format. Any modern spreadsheet software should open that. It is XML but will probably compress by default so isn't something you can paste/copy unlike CSV.

    I just upgraded to advanced machines 3.1.1 and the solar arrays look like a very nice addition I plan to try, but if I didn't have another block ID to spare, or for those that don't like solar, could you add a config. file option to disable the solar arrays and their need for a 2nd block ID? Direwolf20's videos keep tempting me with new mods and block ID's are getting scarce. Fortunately 189 wasn't in use yet in my current SPS game.

    Do the solar arrays block have a unique appearance in game? I've not tried crafting one yet?

    Appreciate them not requiring blocks of diamonds or Dragon Eggs or other such nonsense to craft. Their collection area may not be logical but the convenience is nice. With the 100% wrench add-on I can see these being the perfect way to power IC2 miners. Now we are ready for the "Advanced Miner" (11x11? Faster? Auto-Macerating?).

    The advanced machines mod is a great addition to IC2. Thank you for creating it. I would vote to roll it in to IC2 proper.

    As others have recommended, I think it is better to save your coal for its other uses.

    Lately I've been powering my miners with 1 wire, 1 BatBox, and 5 Solar. Use a regular drill with an OV scanner. I just set up several and let them run. Come back a few days later, collect the loot, and move them 9 squares. I have used crystals to power diamond drill mines in the past. IIRC it takes about 500,000 EU / mine. I estimate I average about 1 diamond per 9x9 mine.

    Quarries are not very efficient but are good for scrap and clearing up the "abandoned mine" mazes. I usually just use a BC Filler to put a cap on them when done.

    No, it wouldn't be hard. I put the first 8 windmills up before I could afford much glass fibre cable so I used a couple Batbox and copper up on my roof. It turned out to work surprisingly well so when I later needed more power, I just added another Batbox and 8 more windmills. In the end it turned out to be "good enough" and eventually filled an MSFU I use to recharge my quantum suit. I built a dedicated nuclear plant to power my Mass Fabricator. Now that I have more ore/metal than I can use, if I need more power, I'll probably just add another BatBox and extend the windmill tower up another level or two. About the only thing I could foresee needing a lot more power for would be if I start building teleporters.

    Mine is a 16x16 platform - about the size of my house below it. If you put those mills at the build limit, you'd get more than double that power. It's not too hard.

    I don't think chasing maximum efficiency is worth spreading windmills around the clouds. I stacked 8 windmills along both sides of a cable (16 total windmills) around levels 80-90 and they seemed to average about 20 EU/t which is better than solar plus runs through the night.

    I guess you could create a "magic paint bucket" that automatically topped off any painter in use regardless of color X times. I don't think players getting "free dye" will have much negative impact on the game. Perhaps crafted from 3 uu-matter in a V shape. That uu-matter is amazingly versatile stuff after all.