Car stereo!

  • Hi there!

    Just wanted to know if there are anyone on the forum which are building car stereo?

    I and a few friends and we are preapering a car for "Russetiden" Don't know the english word for it, but when you are done with study and party like you are 14 years?

    Atleast, I are resposible for building the car stereo and I though it would be cool to post some pictures and what not.

    Don't have any pictures yet but I post the name on the amplyfiers!
    Monoblock: dynaBel bf7501 (2500W RMS when connected in 1 ohm)
    4 channel for coax speakers dynaBel bf0804 (4*80W RMS when connected in 4ohm)

    And we just ordered some woofers and cables for ~800dollars! But we made a deal with the shop owner and we payed around ~500 dollar.
    Don't get these numbers wrong, actually the stereo is a normal package you would pay for.

    anyway, I will post pictures if you guys wan't to! :)

  • Today we recieved half of our package!
    And we got the + cable and 2 woofers. So today we did a little test, we had signal cables laid in the car from before.

    And since we would also run with just 2 woofers (we are going to use 4) we could make it with just a 25 square mm cable. But when we recieve the last package we are going to use 50 square mm cables for both + and -

    Here are some pictures!