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    Hi there!
    It's been a while since i've been here now!

    First I of I want to say thank's to the IC crew! You guys made a wonderful mod, and you guys make the right choises and that is the quality in IC.

    On topic again. I suggest that there should be added an opinion to the redstone button called "do not allow energy in"
    Which would be useful in situations when we have multiple energy storages on the same power line and we want to make a priority system for the setup.

    And one more thing, If possible I think you should bring this redstone option's to the tier system. like, the batbox only have a few of them, mfu a few more and so on.

    Anyway, have a nice weekend! :)

    Seriously everyone, who uses Scrap for burning in Generators is stupid it causes an exteme Energyloss and aside from Massfabricator theres no thing that consumes enough Energy to justify that ineffectivity.

    If i see someone on SMP having such a Scrapgenerator, i prepare a Nuke and throw it on that Crapmachine and a second one for his Base if its not near enough for that, and if Nukes are disabled then i just steal all of his valuable Stuff and the Machine.

    Eloraam definetly has to moddify that Cobblegenerators, that they are not making any Sound at all, because removing the "fizz.ogg" doesnt work if you are connected to the internet.

    I didn't mention anything about how much it will multiple the energy output, so I really don't understand why you wrote that, am i stupid or something since I don't understand this?

    What I just suggested is that add this principle to the geothermal, then you might also remove the burning scrap in furnace/generator recipie.

    Sound good RichardG!

    I had this in mind.
    Why not copy the "amplifier" thing in the massfab and put it in the geothermal? So that when we put in scrap in the geothermal, it might boost the output, or just make the lava inside the geothermal last longer?

    And if you do so I actually think you can remove the scrap burning in furnace's, cause I don't think many people don't even know that it is possible ....

    Today we recieved half of our package!
    And we got the + cable and 2 woofers. So today we did a little test, we had signal cables laid in the car from before.

    And since we would also run with just 2 woofers (we are going to use 4) we could make it with just a 25 square mm cable. But when we recieve the last package we are going to use 50 square mm cables for both + and -

    Here are some pictures!

    Hi there!

    Just wanted to know if there are anyone on the forum which are building car stereo?

    I and a few friends and we are preapering a car for "Russetiden" Don't know the english word for it, but when you are done with study and party like you are 14 years?

    Atleast, I are resposible for building the car stereo and I though it would be cool to post some pictures and what not.

    Don't have any pictures yet but I post the name on the amplyfiers!
    Monoblock: dynaBel bf7501 (2500W RMS when connected in 1 ohm)
    4 channel for coax speakers dynaBel bf0804 (4*80W RMS when connected in 4ohm)

    And we just ordered some woofers and cables for ~800dollars! But we made a deal with the shop owner and we payed around ~500 dollar.
    Don't get these numbers wrong, actually the stereo is a normal package you would pay for.

    anyway, I will post pictures if you guys wan't to! :)

    I think we should wait with this atleast untill Minecraft is done with the vilagers.

    Why not a simply terraformer that will build villager houses, then you can build their village larger.

    Sorry for not responding so fast... I have been building powerplants on every chance I had, the biggest problem with these huge powerplant's is the way chunkloading work's. On the last test I had a client which where about 500 meters away, I had 4Xinsulated wires and two bundled cables, the first bundled cable is to disable the whole trafo-north/south/east/west. So I can disable everyone at the west part of the city. Anyway, the bundled cable did not even make it this far... So I tried a wireless redstone addon for bukkit and for some reason I couldn't read that there was power flowing though the cable, but I did get power over to the client...
    I'm sorry to say but the whole powerplant idea seems to not work so good...
    Anyway, we are prepering a server for 1.2 release and we are planning on building a city like a square, and then add a plugin or something to keep the whole thing loaded. I will atleast (If I will be a part of the powerplant building) try to upload some pictures. I won't promise anything but if there will be pictures, you will se computercraft running mostly of the building! I friend of mine is superb at coding lua! And if you have pictures, just upload them, it's fun to watch others work too! :)

    DanielPSp: that picture is basically what alblaka is doing i believe. if i read it right then you will be able to take one solar panel, and then make other Solar Flat Panels and attach them to the central Solar Panel to increase it's output, last i heard he was having alittle trouble with it but i'm sure he'll get it done when he can. he's just really busy at the moment.

    Okay, I just did get his idea wrong :)
    Just tough mirrors would be awesome ^^

    Anyway, I know he's busy :) Hope he will be ready(or someone else on the dev team) when MCP for 1.2 comes :D

    Just an idea
    You've seen how blocks can be communicating in the forcefield addon?
    How about a solar generator core in the midle (which we could have more tiers of, tier 1 accept 32 EU/T, you get it later in the post).

    Then we can have reflectors/mirrors around that generator. Then we have to create lots of "electrick compass" or something like that which will link the generator with the reflectors/morrors. Then in the generator will have a basic task that will be basevalue*amount of reflectors.

    So if the base is 5 EU/T and I have 10 reflectors connected it will produce 50 EU/T, this would require a tier 2 core. If for example I place a tier 1 there it would simply explode.
    This is how the real world works too:

    For a noob in coding like me I don't know how much work this is. But this will solve the space problem (I hope atleast) and it's possible to make more tiers. Maybe more blocks need to be attached to the generator core to extract the EU? It's up to you guys :)

    Linking idea is based from the Forcefield addon, and the mirror idea comes from a documentary on Discovery!

    I am curently building somthing simular on a server.
    We have the powerstation in the middle, and then EV cables going to south, west, east and North.
    If you limit the max lenght to about 200 blocks each way you ok loss.

    Then when someone wan't to connect to the powerline they just digg down to the powerline and hook up a HV transformer to the powercable. Works great, if you have wireless redstone you can hookup EU detektor cables too, so you can see who is drawing power.
    I suggest you try a small scale before you try on a server if you are going to do that :)

    I am sorry for not beeing so active in this thread. But some friends of mine wanted to connect to their server, which is running RP, IC, BC, TP pipes, and bukkit on top! we are also waiting for a bukkit port of cumputercraft for the 1.1 release

    I am building a new station there, and the current stats of the plant is 32*512EU/T outputs. Which says that it will be generating around 15k eu/t

    In this server we are building this village or city, and with the powerplant in the midle.

    Since the server is limited by the owners network I won't publish the IP but when it is done, I will take shitloads of pictures and upload the map+config.

    What's done now:
    Main trafo, control house, batteryrom (missing wires though), South and East trafo's are done.
    I am also working with other buildings so DON't expect this to be done tomorrow...

    Anyway, the reason I haven't been posting anything is because I don't wont this to end like last time... I wan't to publish a fully product, not a half done product.

    Anyway, I am working on a computerscript which will let you choose to run the powerplant automatic or manuallyI am only hoping that my "plan" for the script is going to work...

    I just though about this idea!
    If a cable is been exposed for a higher voltage than its capable of, and it has insulation it will first drop the and a few seconds later it will get destroyed like before.
    Lets say a cobber cable can handle 64 EU packets for 3 seconds then the insulation will drop, then it will get destroyed 2 seconds after that, and if it is exposed for 128 EU packets it will only last 1,5 sec. You get my point :)

    Maybe a another feature like the cable can set things on fire beside it if exposed for a current higher than it is capable of? Don't know how easy this is to code but it would be a nice feature!
    Real wires can transfer as much current as you can imagine, but it's a matter of time.
    First the insulation will burn, then it will set things around it on fire (if there is anything to set on fire) and then finaly the material itself will melt.

    If my idea will take to much time, you should drop it :)

    Use of idea: If you wan't to create a fuse setup you can put a preasureplate under the wire, and when the insulation drops it will send a redstonesignal to a splitter cable which will stop the current.
    Just a though :D

    I think I should rise the white flag... Hehe :)

    Yes, after a little more thinking you are right, all of you.

    Since so few people need this it's no reason to take more blockID and coding time. This should have been a addon suggestion instead.
    Next time I think more before I post, hehe :)
    Thanks for replies everyone!

    1.The recipe is already used by the HV Cable

    2. A HV Cable has a loss of 1EU/t per block
    Your cable has a loss of 0.5 EU/t
    It should have a loss of 2-4 EU/t

    3. EV is already good enough

    1. No, the HV cable uses refined iron

    2. It was just an example

    3. Nah, depends on what you are powering, distanced for example


    Hmm... could really be useful for servers. I would guess that compressing smaller packets into one large would reduce lag. So this is also a reason for server's to use it (or I'm wrong with that guess).

    But the cable should change, use Alloy and Redstone maybe, for something futuristic, tin is a to realistic approache for such a cable.

    Yep, that's what I first though.
    And yes, that is true. The lag is also reduced if everyone uses a powerplant instead of solar flowers on every house.

    I wrote that tin is iron. FOr realistic purpuse it should be aluminium, but since we don't have that I chose iron, but a change might be good. What do you think wheen you write alloy? Advanced alloy?

    I have been building a power plant and distribution network for SMP.
    And as you might understand there is a loot of energyflow through those wires. I am currenctly using EV and, it is still quite allot energy loss.
    I suggest we get a get a new level, UH! (which is Ultra high). Which converts 2048 EU to 8192 and vice versa.
    Then we might need a new wire. This wire will have an insane loss if we use 512 EU packets, but if we use 8192 packets we have for example 5 eu/t loss every 10 block.
    The wire/cable will be very cheap, but the transformator will be expensive!
    :Rubber: :Rubber: :Rubber:
    :Tin Ingot: :Tin Ingot: :Tin Ingot:
    :Rubber: :Rubber: :Rubber:
    =16 UH cable

    :HV-Transformer: :Energy Crystal: :HV-Transformer:
    :Coolant Cell: :Advanced Machine: :Coolant Cell:
    :HV-Transformer: :Energy Crystal: :HV-Transformer:
    =1 UH Tranformer

    This would be very helpfull for SMP servers, and maybe it should be an addon since this is something that only a few of us need. If this idea is something someone wan't to code, I can try to balance this more.
    What you think? It would be very usefull! :) Have a nice day!