• anyone care to help figure out what the problem here ?

  • Yeah this problem has been around for a while. IC2 is the only mod where that problem shows up. I've learned to get along without IC2 when I can install so many other mods.

  • Why u use 4096 blocks mod o.O Im using the same mods as direwolf (Except EE) and have still 14 ID's left. Just use the "ID-Dump" from NEI to see wich IDs are used. Just change IDS urself ;) 30 mins of work with Notepad++ if u are a noob-programmer like me.
    Also you just could download Direwolfs Configfiles from : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…text=G238bd04FUAAAAAAAAAA

    Down in the Description u find a downloadlink. Do it this way and its easier for you

    TrinityCraft Server, Whitelist.

    Ic2/BC3/Forestry Railcraft/Logistics Pipes/Nuclear Control and more!

  • As an alternative to ditching 4096IDs and IDResolver, you can go through your IC2.config and change the first digit of all the item IDs that begin in the 20-thousands to a '1'. Almost nothing uses that range, either. EE2 might need to be disabled for a single load to keep it from getting in the way.

  • Thanks for the replies guys

    I jsut have too many mods and not the patience to manually change there ID's so il be living without Ic2 for a while mroe i guess :P