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    My name is Binue, I saw your profile today and was moved and become interested in you, I will like you to send me an email to my address ( so that i can give you my pictures for you to know whom i am.

    I believed we can move from here? Remember colour or distance does not matter but LOVE matters allot in life). Reply me back with my email address ( hope to hear from you soon
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    wouldn't exactly say "unbalancing them completely" afterall a simple doubling isn't all that much relatively, just a few extra minutes underground mining. What i'm always having problems with are diamond and rubber.
    Besides, it's not like the EE cheat mode energy collectors. The rest of EE i'm sorta fine with but the collectors are just cheating... If you need some serious EMC than head to The End and build a ender pearl farm.

    It was a joke, dude. It was, specifically, a joke at the expense of people who bitch about EE being godmode.

    Oh, I know. I'm glad you did. But I asked about the official instructions, meaning the ones put out by the people who implemented brand new mechanics that part with existing conventions, and are therefore sensibly obligated to indicate they've done so. This is a subtle way to make the point that hidingcompletely obscuring information from your players is bad game design

    yea i think too that loading up a testing world and playing around with stuff to see how it works is too much to handle !

    Come on, now. Starguy was obviously being a hostile jerk, and only hurting his case as a result, but his wrongness doesn't make the diametrically opposed position (i.e., that there's no need for documenting features) right. The only design aspect in IndustrialCraft that really merits complaint is the way the developers have actively opposed documentation, even when implementing things that counter existing game logic. Certainly, if you want to experiment in test worlds to tweak and optimize and, you know, test, there's reason to do that. But you shouldn't have to break the fourth wall, if that's not your thing, just to be able to use a feature without potentially wiping out large sections of your creations. He shouldn't have thrown a fit, and that was an awful, rude, unacceptable way to make the point. But expecting basic documentation is really, really far from unreasonable.

    Light levels must be good. I got a successful planting of red flowers with a torch 1 block away. also for anything that needs a high light level

    Huh. Didn't see anything about needing a high light level to plant some things in the official instructions. What did I miss?

    As an alternative to ditching 4096IDs and IDResolver, you can go through your IC2.config and change the first digit of all the item IDs that begin in the 20-thousands to a '1'. Almost nothing uses that range, either. EE2 might need to be disabled for a single load to keep it from getting in the way.

    i am running quite big and laggy geotermal power plant + solar array + BC quary and recycler array to recycle trash and no crash after running 5h non stop, forge, and many other mods, try to run only ic2

    If you're interested in troubleshooting, I suppose it's worth the hassle. I'll go through the list until I figure out what's conflicting.

    edit: Oh, hey, better yet, which of the mods I listed are you -not- running in your no-problems setup? I'll start with those.
    edit edit: It doesn't matter, actually.

    Just finished crashing Minecraft on a pure install of your patch and all its dependencies. ML, MLMP, MCF, IC, that's it. Hey, it took a lot longer than when I'm already eating up a tone of space with other mods, so if you have a memory leak, it's a tiny one. I hit 830MB in about ten minutes, and from that point on I started getting the ever-entertaining texture flashing and blocky orange polygons glitch I've had trouble with in IC2 in the past. This made the surface a dangerous land of invisible cliffs and skeletons carefully disguised as the tree they shelted under, and spelunking was basically a never-ending bad joke at my expense, but I pressed on. For another hour, I pressed on through graphics failures that increased in frequency as the memory problem gradually increased, until finally javaw exited silently.

    I'll follow this up with the entire crash report, assuming it fits. Good luck, and the error be someone else's.

    edit edit edit:
    Still a few thousand characters too long. I'll send you what you ask for, but otherwise, I think I'll be sitting this patch out.

    To clarify, obfuscate well. "In the T ticks between EUmeter uses, cable foo passed X EU in the form of Y total packets of Z Eu/p. This means it was averaging K packets per tick, or (25*K)% of its maximum rating." Any confusion caused by K being a non-integer value is handwaved away by that "averaging" claim, and the minutiae of your implementation needn't affect the display at all. Obviously, cut that back from natural language to a GUI presentation, but the point is basically that you shouldn't bother listing anything as EUmeter output that includes the assumption of a flat current. Don't report an endpoints mean as an instantaneous value, and don't bother going into the fact that the fractional values are occurring in transmission, rather than detection. If nothing breaks down because fractional packets won't play nice, it will be irrelevant.

    Brother, your time is your own, and I don't want to put a burden on it. I understand this to be something you probably did for your own sake and were kind enough to share; I'm not going to look down my nose at charity.

    That said, I would be terribly remiss if I didn't answer your questions.

    Now, that answers the Forge version and parallel mods questions. The last question is the best part! I'm not using any IC2 stuff at all.

    Ores, no doubt, are spawning in the world, and I have seen a few rubber trees, but that's it. Generally, it crashes every 90s of runtime, and that's not enough from a clean start to even get an iron furnace. My gut instinct is to say that this implicates the interactions between your patch and ModLoaderMP more than something that happened internally to IC2, but I'm only speculating blindly on how you implemented this. If I'm wrong, well, it won't surprise me. Minecraft core isn't optimized, really, and I'm tying it into a lot of knots.

    So in other words, Alblaka's going to have to refactor IC2 to use the now-native Forge support, for whatever it is that ModloaderMP used to do. Hopefully that shouldn't be too difficult.

    At least that. But what I ran into wasn't really informative about this.

    As an aside:
    vinko12, I can't tell whether your patch introduces a memory leak or just duplicates a lot of allocation, but when I add IC2 to my mod collection, using it, memory allocation continuously climbs until it's at least 350MB higher than without IC2. It might go higher, but I can't tell because that's the level that crashes Minecraft due to memory shortages. Previously, IC2 cost ~200MB. Good on you rolling out the fix, dude, but you might want to look it over and see if there's optimization room.

    Collect it in buckets that you then pass through an alloyed compressor to use in constructing neutronium, the essential component of all sixth-tier power generation and tools. Sure, the neutronium starts consuming every block in your world on its way to becoming a gravitational singularity sometime in the next million years, but you won't mind, because as soon as you connected your fusion generator to the sun (You would not BELIEVE how much cable this takes.) you automatically terraformed your entire world into a lifeless desert as that sun ballooned into a red giant. Also, you died.

    Hey, guys? They're really great to use together. I also mix in Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Somnia, Mo' Creatures, and five to ten others, depending on update schedule. Every single one of those impacts the balance of all the others to some degree. You see, insomuch as Minecraft is just a conversion of sheets of pRNG output and some amount of time of user input into more orderly patterns with Happy Flashy Lights, anything that changes which Happy Flashy Lights I get for my unit of effort, or from some given number of bits of pRNG output--everything but texturepacks, essentially--dilutes the intended balancing of everything else you load alongside it. But that's fine, because there's not a single good reason to pitch a fit over the ratio of time-to-HFL or entropy-to-HFL that someone else prefers.

    There is no such thing as "cheating" if you're not competing with someone else. So can we talk about IndustrialCraft, here? I'd be on the EE2 Minecraftforums thread if I wanted to listen to people arguing EMC conversions and how to balance them for maximum fun.

    First thought when I looked at the topic.
    Fusion Reactor
    Nuff Said

    Seriously. Let the O2 blow off into atmosphere and run the H2 cans through the extractor a few times because we have no other way to simulate deuterium refinement. Leave a deuterium cell in a breeder reactor until it overcharges to a tritium cell, and combine them in a fusion reactor. You need three MFSU just to run its tokamak, but the energy production ought to be ludicrous. And if you come near wearing any armor except leather or nanosuit, the magnetic field crushes you against the side of the torus. Everything about this would be delightfully gratuitous, and it could become part of a run-up to IndustrialCraft 3: High-Energy Physics edition.

    Other than that, I don't see why we'd want an upgraded Electrolyzer. High costs and exponential growth are Equivalent Exchange's schtick. IndustrialCraft fills a different niche.

    rubber insulation shoud be hard, its possible to use wool for upgrade that will allow cable painting.

    Do you mean "hard" in the sense of "difficult to obtain" or "physically firm"?

    In either case, how are you relating that to the topic?

    By that "upgrade", do you mean the paint roller? If so, I think you may have misread.